Who's satin have you used to masturbate

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Re: Who's satin have you used to masturbate

Post by promdresslover » Sun Jan 09, 2011 8:46 am

Freddielinton wrote:First post here we go...

Well like most of you here, my fetish started when I was very young with my Mom's slips. That's really what started it all. Those were gone after a while, as she had started to notice I had been going through her drawers to get them. Then, I got a little older, and took several of my Cousin's things. She played soccer so she always had a bunch of these awesome satiny soccer shorts. I took a couple of those, as well as two intimates. One was a black pair of Vanity Fair satin panties, and another was a foily-type satin alligator print thong by Age Group. They smelled great too, like fresh out of the laundry. I also took two amazing bikinis from her (which also started my bikini fetish), but I'll stick to satin here since this is the satin fetish forum. I had a friend whose sister from Korea was now living with him. She had gotten a job at Victoria's Secret, so of course while we'd be outside I'd tell him I had to go to the bathroom or something; an excuse for me to get inside and upstairs to his sister's room. Took several thongs and panties from her over periods of time. I know this is an awful thing, and I knew it at the time. I wasn't raised this way, but it's how my addiction was. It really got my blood pumping; the adrenaline going. Anyway, karma does have a way of getting back around, as my Mom found and got rid of everything I discussed above, and more. All this collecting over the years and now I had nothing! I had to start all over.
Eventually, my sister got to the age where satin pajamas were a must. So my Mom had bought her two pairs; one was blue and the other was hot pink with green frogs on them. I used those a lot until they were discarded. Wish I still had those. Anyway, now I'm 23, and for the past 5 or 6 years, I have been buying satin in all forms like crazy. Being a kid, it was hard. You either had to use your Mom's or sister's stuff, or use things from relatives or friends. Even now, I'd be way too nervous to buy anything at a store. Which is why Amazon and eBay are my absolute favorite. I have purchased over 100 satin items on eBay over the past 5 years, with my favorite items being Satin Pajamas, Robes, and Tops. The thing I love about eBay is that sometimes if you do enough searching, you'll get to see the girl wearing the item that she's selling. Sometimes they'll even post pictures right on the auction itself, which makes the item even hotter. For instance, yesterday I bought a satin prom dress that this hot asian girl wore to prom two years ago. This is only my second dress, but I plan on buying many more. The only problem is that I still live at home with my parents, so all of my stuff is locked in my car. I literally have to race to get the mail, because my Mom will definitely open whatever came if she got it, even if it isn't for her. To make a long story short, I can't wait until I get my own place.
I have to say though, that I've never really "destroyed" any of the things I have. Sure, I'll use them for masturbation in a few ways, but I never cum on them. Those stains are too hard to get out and I enjoy these items too much for that.
welcome fellow satin admirer.

your story sounds very similar to mine. I remember when I was growing up, I had to hide my satin stash. I used to have an old pair of Pioneer HPM-150 stereo speakers that didn't work. I took the old drivers out of them and would conceal my items. One of them was a wool cheerleader jacket, it was found at a bus stop. It smelled heavenly and had a thick silver acetate lining. It had the owner's first name, but it was from a school nowhere near me. I often wondered what she looked like, but I won't lie I shot plenty of loads onto that fabric. I am sure she was a hottie, not to many "ugly" cheerleaders here. I remember when my Mom was going in my room and noticed that something was protruding from behind one of the speaker covers. She took it off and saw the coat. She took all the items out and confronted me. I felt ashamed yet kind of excited.

I made up a story about finding the items. She made me go to the school and turn them in to the lost and found. I wasn't nearly embarrassed about that as her finding out. From then on, I had to find a better place to conceal what I could, and it ended up being in a large box that a television came in that I kept in my closet. I stacked items on top of it and had to go through a ritual to ensure nothing was showing, as I don't know what I would do if "caught" again. I think my Mom knew I pleasured myself. She has since passed, and I often wish I would have just come out and admitted the truth (even though I think she knew, you can't lie to Mom!)

I would encourage you not to hide it. I know that sounds crazy, but you are 23, and adult by legal means and while it may be awkward to some, it is not illegal to buy satin and "enjoy" it in the privy of your domicile. you should point out that it is safe, legal and won't get anyone pregnant! Nothing to be ashamed of at all.

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Re: Who's satin have you used to masturbate

Post by mica46 » Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:43 am

satin1 wrote:I get a real kick out of shopping in department stores here in the UK like BHS (my favorite!) and Marks and Spencer
I agree so much with you Satin1, for me there is no bigger thrill than going into a department store such as BHS or M&S and buying satin for yourself. The first time I bought a satin robe from Debenhams I explained to the young girl that I was buying the item for my "girlfriend" and even then she still asked me if the robe was for myself to which I again denied. Now I just love it when the assistant knows the garment is for myself and would never dream of hiding that fact, I actually do belive that a lot of girls are turned on by the thought of a guy in satin. I have been told by the girls in La Senza which is an upmarket lingerie store that they actually have a lot of guys buying satin garments for themselves and in their eyes EVERYONE is just as welcome as the next person. I've even been measured for satin bras both in Debenhams and in La Senza!!

As for the satin football shirts WOW! When I was at school I was never good at sports but a couple of the boys used to wear satin shorts and oh my goodness I just couldn't keep my eyes off them. Of course many years on I now wonder why they did opt for satin shorts :D

Satin1, we seem to be in the same country, if you would like to PM then that would be lovely.

Mica. :D

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Re: Who's satin have you used to masturbate

Post by satin1 » Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:36 pm

La Senza

Ooooohhhhh :D

I bought some of the Jennifer satin chemises off e-bay a couple of months ago for bargain prices

Although sold as size 18, they are closer to a 14 HOWEVER wifey has found a great use for them which involves my penis and her hand :mrgreen:

Best quality satin I own by a mile


Re: Who's satin have you used to masturbate

Post by removed » Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:19 pm

la senza is great quality fine satin,

my girlfriend has alot from there and wears one of the nighty's every time we have sex, once she feels she has worn a nighty enough she will rip it off during sex too, a real turn on that drives me wild :D

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Re: Who's satin have you used to masturbate

Post by s12345 » Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:04 pm

My ex girlfriend used to wear a tight waistcoat with a beautifully shiny satin back, and she let me hump the back of the waistcoat when she was wearing it, it felt so smooth

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Re: Who's satin have you used to masturbate

Post by Freddielinton » Fri Jan 14, 2011 7:41 pm

After the past few comments, I decided to check out La Senza on eBay. I'm aware of the brand, but I don't own anything from them since most of the listings are from Europe. Luckily, one seller went to London, bought some La Senza sets, and brought them back to the U.S. to sell on eBay. Today I bought a turquoise La Senza kimono & matching chemise set from her. Can't wait to see the quality of the satin next week!
I <3 Sexy Satin Prom Teens! :P

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Re: Who's satin have you used to masturbate

Post by daffy2102 » Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:55 am

ive used my girlfriends satin to masturbate and she knows i do too i especially like to wear her satin nighties when no-one is home sometime i watch porn while in it or other times i stand on the front porch which is right by the street but is covered by thick bush that i stand behind while wearing the gf's satin nighties just for the thrill i guess and it's amazing i do it all the time lol

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Re: Who's satin have you used to masturbate

Post by s4satin » Fri Aug 19, 2011 6:02 pm

Thanks for the update. I all started when I was studying in 6 th class. One day my mom told me to give her satin Saree for washing. I was in my under wear going to take bath. Accidentally the saree touched my body & my dick began to raise. I then rubbed the saree against my dick & i felt on top of the world. I then developed developed love for satin. I then used to masturbate using my moms Saree whenever she was not there at home. I also used my Sisters satin salwar to masturbate. that time i lived in a society. I used to steal satin clothes which were hung in the sun to dry of my neighbors to quench my thirst for satin. Once i stole a neighbors satin suit & salwar when i was in 10 std as my lust for satin was on the peak. then i moved to some other city. My lust for satin did not end here, I masturbated with my neighbors satin bra when she had gone to sleep. She used to wear satin clothes, I used them when she had put in the bathroom. Once I asked her about satin favoritism, she told that she wears because her hubby loved satin. I also told her that I also love satin clothes. Too my surprise she gave me her satin suit & salwar & told me that enjoy with this. I was very happy & asked her that if i want more satin then, she told me that you can have my saree also. I was very happy. I was unmarried at that time.. Now i am married & i still have that suit & salwar of satin. My wife also loves satin & we enjoy a lot..

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Re: Who's satin have you used to masturbate

Post by satinedge » Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:36 pm

Hey to all.

I have used a sexy leather coat that my dealership was selling many Moons ago. Everytime I went to work it always starred at the silky lining. After a couple of weeks, I broke down. I was closing one night and took it to the bathroom for some night time fun.

And let me tell you, it was the most spunk I ever put out.

Love to read everyone's stories.
I often think that a slightly exposed shoulder emerging from a long satin nightgown packed more sex than two naked bodies in bed. - Bette Davis

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Re: Who's satin have you used to masturbate

Post by szewei85 » Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:31 am

when i have gf, the 1st thing i will do is 2 steal my gf satin of any forms n fucks on it like crazy. :lol:

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Re: Who's satin have you used to masturbate

Post by Lovesilkydresses » Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:29 am

I used My Mothers Organza Wedding Dress , Which I Named Harriot , When I Was A Child Then I Progressed To finding Dresses And Petticoats In Throwen into Skips , Wraped In Plastic Bags , Some Dresses & Petticoats Were Brand New , I Had To Hide Them In A Secret Location , Then Come Back And Sneek One At Time Back Home , My Mother Did Not Agree With What I Was Doing , So I Had To Sneek Them Into The House When My Mother was Asleep , I'm talking about The Year 1978 , Oxfam and Other Charity shops werent Around Then , Some Would Give Thier Dresses Or Petticoats To Someone Else , I Was Given A Beautifull Light Blue Organza Party Dress To Give To My Sister By My Mothers Friend , But It Never Made It To My Sister , That Dress Made Into My Bed , Where I Cumed All Over It , My Sister Hated Dresses , So she Was Not Going To look after This Party Dress was She , She Would Probely Ripp It By Climming In Trees With It , Or cut It Up , I'm Glad I Saved That Dress .

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Re: Who's satin have you used to masturbate

Post by gabaka » Mon Sep 05, 2011 7:34 pm

over the years i have wanked into countless peoples garments. I dont really recall ever wanking into any of my mothers garments...although she did have a satin teddy which i asked my girlfriend to wear one afternoon whilst i had the house to my self as a 13 year old teen. i intended to have sex with my girlfriend in it but my father came home unexpectedly and put an end to my plans.
My first wanking experience using another persons satin clothing i can remember is from being about 8 or 9 years and staying with my aunt and uncle in Brighton. They had a daughter who was about ten years older than me who i fancied like mad. Suzie was working abroad and i was sleeping in her room on my stay over. Some of her clothes were still in the chest of drawers in the room including a canary yellow satin nightie. i must of wanked into that garment two/three times a day in my ten day stay there....including wearing it through the night when i got brave enough to know i wasnt going to get caught. i've wondered if Suzie ever noticed the state of her satin nightie upon her return home lol?
another episode i remember being a young teen was at my step fathers mothers house. My step fathers sister still lived at home and she always used to leave her satin nightie hanging on the back of the bathroom door. on more than one occasion i took that off the hook and wanked off with the material wrapped around my cock, spunking in it and then hanging it back up!
i've encouraged all my partners over the years to wear nighties to bed and own satin undies for sex and also for of which i have worn and wanked into when home alone!
Ive gone as far as wearing of my partners, either a satin nightie or a matching undie set, donning a satin wrap, putting on lipstick and heels and having a full on wank! i love to imagine being the woman receiving cock with the delicate materials floating against my skin.
My current wife of ten years has a step daughter and her niece used to live with us. As they have both grown up i have raided their underwear, night time drawers and wanked onto/into their satin garments!! I am a satin pervert!!

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Re: Who's satin have you used to masturbate

Post by spikey » Sun Sep 18, 2011 1:17 am

satincrazy wrote:Hi its great to see im not the only one who masterbates over coat linings i have done this for years i like to use other womens coats and just love to blast my load into the soft linings i spend alot of times in peoples homes and the first thing i do is look to see what coats they have to offer then i just start to rub the linings over my cock before long it just blasts all over many times i use my wifes coats i do get here to rub me with certain coats meaning the ones she lets me shoot all over its great
my next door neighbour used to wear the most beautiful long winter coats and she went on holidays and left her key with us needless to say i went in that night to "check up" went straight up to her bedroom opened the wardrobe and and there was a whole row of winter coats with fuck me satin linings i wore one then put on her high heels and took out a full length black coat with red satin lining and fucked it on her bed shouting out her name and then i came like a crazed rapist on her coat i left the massive spunk load on the lining, let her husband take the blame i thought and i did this for two weeks absolute fucking heaven a different coat everynite and i cut the key so now anytime she fucks off i go in and rape her coats

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Re: Who's satin have you used to masturbate

Post by loverofsatin345 » Wed Sep 21, 2011 11:14 am

Mainly my Wife's! Have given every single pair of her lovely Satin panties a good 'seeing to'. Also gave her black satin skirt a good dousing once and panicked when i struggled to get rid of the stain LOL! Now though i have all my own Satin articles to masturbate into...Happy Days!

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Re: Who's satin have you used to masturbate

Post by BlkNYLONS » Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:09 pm

Started with my mothers girdles and stockings. My mother wore beautiful open bottom girdles with satin front and rear panels. I love the gloss and sheen of them not to mention the touch and feel. I remember staying home from school at about 12 wearing my mothers girdle, with her ultra sheer RHT stockings attached to the garters. I filled one of her other girdles with a sofa pillow to create that butt filled look. I humped my erection across the satin rear panel to full release over and over.

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