Some of my Favorites

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Some of my Favorites

Post by TsRock » Sat May 04, 2013 5:00 am

1st off I want to say THANK YOU for having such an amazing site that is dedicated to silk and satin only!

I know we are all Silk & Satin fans and share this amazing fetish, but at the same time there are different things about Silk and Satin that we all love. I wanted to share with the forum/admins what I really, really love and want to see more of going forward.

- VPL's!!!! possibly my favorite satin fetish thing! It just drives me crazy! (Kiera in Black Satin Shorts and Lola in Grey Satin Hotpants standout). NOTE: I have seen the ladies point this out more lately, but plz more, more, more of this!

- For the SatinPlay girls, spend more time rubbing and showing off the satin! Especially their sexy asses and nipples! I want to see that satin covering the body more than a naked girl masterbating. Perfect example is Emma Butt Gold Satin Suite. One of my favorite satin sets (satin pants, blouse and favorite type of panties) and she strips out of the pants way to quickly and doesn't even show us her sexy ass when she reveals those amazing panties! Again, that's just what I like. Also, I would love to see Emma make a return to Satin Play :wink: NOTE: I too have noticed more of this lately than in older vids so that's great!

- More full back panties, less thongs. honestly I don't even DL or check out the updates where the ladies are wearing thongs. Just not my thing. My FAVORITE outfit is the business suit/skirl sets, but sadly most of them are wearing thongs and for me I just don't enjoy them as much. Roxy Silver Satin Blouse set would have been one of my top 3 all-times if she had full back panties on under that amazing black satin skin tight skirt and no bra on under that silver satin blouse! Possibly a remake?? :mrgreen:

- Less Bras. Even on the MySatin site I would love to see less bra's and just a silky blouse. I love seeing the full movement of the boobs and nipples under a satin blouse. (Jennifer Jade Blue Satin Halter great example)

- More Viberators/Dildos that look like a penis like in Zoe Pink Satin Bikini. I can only assume this is 100% up to the models which I understand. Just throwing it out there.

- More sucking/BJ action with the Viberators/Dildos. We are dudes, we all love BJ's and there is something amazingly sexy when a woman is sucking pretty much anything! (Stacey in Pink Satin Top does a great job at this)

- More sexual movements. Just saw Natalie do this in newest update and was great. One of my favorite of scenes and outfits of all-time is Evey in the Blue Slinky Top (dress). I love this outfit period, but Evey does by far the best job I've seen in my years checking out these sites. She plays up her VPL very sexually, she shows off her ass and full back panties and teases us. She shows us her boobs and nipples both through the dress and out. But then my #1 favorite scene of all-time is when she reverse sits in the chair with her full back satin panties streched out covering that satin ass and she is moving up and down like she is riding a cock....OMG, I can watch that for DAYS! (pic attached)

- Love the strap on action with the ladies!

Again, these are just things I really, really, really enjoy to see. By no means am I complaining about the content as I'm a big fan of the site. I've been a customer numerous times over the years ($$ reason mostly) and will always be one. Keep up the great work guys and gals!

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Re: Some of my Favorites

Post by mysatin » Tue May 07, 2013 11:55 am

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions - they will be taken on board!

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Re: Some of my Favorites

Post by georgegt3 » Tue May 07, 2013 4:04 pm

I think what we have now is a happy medium. I love the fact that on my/satin the girls are pulling the satin tight over their nipples and bodies these days and there's a bit more rubbing of bodies, I find myself keeping a lot more of the my/satin vid's now.

As for satin/play again I think its pretty spot on. The only thing I can think of I might like to see more of (now we've sorted out the pokies issue) is maybe a bit more of the girl wanking themselves under the panties. I know we cant see what's going on but we all know what is :D .But don't get me wrong there's nothing better than seeing a girl pull her panties to the side and fuck herself.

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Re: Some of my Favorites

Post by TsRock » Wed May 08, 2013 2:59 am

mysatin wrote:Thanks for your feedback and suggestions - they will be taken on board!

thanks! as always, LOVE the work :mrgreen:

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