Models outside the UK?

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Models outside the UK?

Post by GaryM36 »

Hi, I get the impression that MySatin/SatinPlay only hire models that are based in the UK. However, if members were to express their interest in a model who lives outside the UK, is there any opportunity of a collaboration? for eg, lets just say a model who lives in USA/Asia/mainland Europe had a home setup where she owned the right equipment, satin nightwear and satin sheets, ect. Would it be then possible for you guys to except them as models for your site? I know it might be a lIttle bit more complicated, but I've noticed some of your models are shooting from outside the studio anyway, so it wouldn't be that much different in that sense.
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Re: Models outside the UK?

Post by silkysatinlover1 »

I'd love to know the answer to this as well! I think with the impact of COVID shooting from a home-studio may be a more viable option for studios moving forward
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