why no lingerie sets

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why no lingerie sets

Post by passion4silksatin » Mon Jan 06, 2014 5:20 pm

i have always wondered why no site focuses on lingerie sets ? i am not talking anything explicit or even any nudity. and even when lingerie is shown its not very pretty.
i buy lingerie from www.sulis.co.uk its very classy, elegant, seductive and sexy in the right way.

i am not saying to use sulis lingerie, or other expensive brands as i nderstand that the cost would be greater, just a more pretty and elegant variety, but to me it always seems that the lingerie is an after thought with little focus on the lingerie. i personally feel a model would still retain her dignity as i said i am not expecting anything explicit just elegant, seductive poses or even just well thought out glimpses of the lingerie

your faithfully


p.s i can dream :D

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Re: why no lingerie sets

Post by mysatin » Mon Jan 06, 2014 9:45 pm

We try to have a mixture of daywear and nightwear sets. I guess the category of lingerie can fall into either.

Do you not like any clothing in the recent sets? For example in the past month we have had:
- Ruby in a blue satin short set - http://www.mysatin.com/free-satin-gallery/rubyblue.html
- Jemma Perry in white bridal set - http://www.mysatin.com/free-satin-galle ... ydoll.html
- Tina Kay in peach satin short/cami - http://www.satinplay.com/satin-silk-gal ... peach.html

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Re: why no lingerie sets

Post by passion4silksatin » Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:32 am

yeah of course,, dont get me wrong i love the way that the photos/videos are taken and love the choice of models, just that i like a little more elegance :D
i know that one persons opinion wont change anything, but just thought i would at least put it out there :D

the pics i have included are the style of lingerie i would really love to see you use :D
also have a look at this site - : http://www.jane-woolrich.co.uk/ and check out the video at the bottom right, it will give a better idea to what i am trying to say.

also love to have it slowly reavealed, not just full on exposure from the start, say slipping out of a silk dress to reveal the lingerie, i love to be teased :D

yours faithfully


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