Satin-LIKE "swishy" material...

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Satin-LIKE "swishy" material...

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I really get off on material that's not exactly satin but material that's similar to satin. Case in point, my girl has this formal skirt she wears from time to time that has an acetate shell, and it's sexy as all hell. It makes kind of a swishy sound when she walks, and it drives me insane. I'd love to see a video or two with the model wearing something like that, where you actually hear, say, a flowing skirt making a swishing or rustling sound as she masturbates with it.
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Re: Satin-LIKE "swishy" material...

Post by maxell »

The fabric I think you're referring to is taffeta, which is a particular weave of thread. The thread is commonly silk, polyester or indeed acetate and is reflected in the price of the fabric. Like you, I find that swishing, rustling sound an incredible turn-on. If you watch a Victorian era period drama and listen carefully, you can hear those gorgeous gowns with their huge skirts swishing and rustling as the ladies move across the set. These gowns are as sexy as it gets...
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