Sarah s satin

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Sarah s satin

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Hi All

I ve just joined the forum and am finding it very exciting reading.. I am a transvestitewho has been dressing ever more frequently since th mid 90s but have always had the desire to do so. I especially love satin and would gladly buy more but I do try to keep a healthy balance between satin and othr fabrics, especially when going out which do often.
My passion is blouses I have quite a few, and satin featues predominantly in my collection. I have bought several ranging from plain shirt stylem in silver through burgundy rever collar, button back high neck a la 90s to lime green side tie bow which I bought from USA, where there seems to be a penchant for them judging by the amoutfor sale on Ebay. I have about 7 satin blouses in all, and although I try to be trendy when i m in public or with friends, OI do love to try retro satin looks occasionally at home.
Apart from my blouse collection I try to sleep in satin pjs as muchas poss., andI have several satin skirts of varying lengths and styles, i ve just bought 2 new ones, a black pleated and a black narrow pencil. I have several other black ones but no I am not a depressive, I just think it looks grea twith any colour accssory, blouse , etc., I have plum amd pink too! My FAVE however is a long black fishtail or mermaid style ankle length skirt with a corset tie back,it feeld FABULOUS! I would love to wear it to sooo many places. It can be seen on my flickr profile

Anyways I have rabitted on more than enough.. hope I get to 'chat ' to many of you, especialy would love to hear from satin loving ladies xx Sarah
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Re: Sarah s satin

Post by tootsiemaid »

hiya sarah..

i,m a tv who also loves satin & taffeta.. god to see you here..
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Re: Sarah s satin

Post by nickglover »

hi Sarah
I've just joined this site and am interested to see we both live in the same county.
My main likes are silk and satin panties, knickers, slips and nighties and I have been wearing these lovely things in private since I was about six or seven. I still have about 60 items but must have given away about four times that amount over the years!
Would love to chat.
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