White Satin Dress

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White Satin Dress

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We recently shot with Sophia Smith and captured a small video of her getting ready. She was looking lovely as always, but especially hot with her highlighted hair.

We had some outfits already picked out for her, ironed, and ready to shoot, but Sophia being Sophia, she insisted on taking a look through our massive wardrobe of satin clothes. When she saw the "wedding" dress she couldn't resist and twisted my arm until I agreed we could shoot a set of her in it!

Here's the link to the video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncnsui7c9Kc - subscribe if you haven't already to get automatic notifications of new videos.

Re: White Satin Dress

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She looks gorgeous in that dress!!!

I love the behind the scenes footage and the girls going through all the clothes picking what they like :)
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Re: White Satin Dress

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Yeah,yeah. Sophia looks so glamorous and attractive in this dress. But if she picked up this one([edit: link removed]), I think I might be crazy about her.
Understanding how to wear a dress is really an ability for a women. I think Sophia always looking lovely and attractive could not be inseparable from her understanding of fashion.
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Re: White Satin Dress

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Sophia is looking gorgeous in the satin dress.
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Re: White Satin Dress

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She is an absolute delight and that dress really suited her

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