Roxanna clip is hot

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Roxanna clip is hot

Post by fondofshiny » Sat Jun 11, 2011 1:28 pm

I am a total satin gown fetishist, and I have to say, Roxanna’s recent video clip on Satinplay (posted June 7) was hot. You have a gorgeous woman, with a stunning body (especially her ass, love that ass!), gorgeous eyes, and sexy lips. She is paired with one of the most sensual satin gowns known to man – strapless and backless, long and flowing, smooth and very shiny, elegant and sexy at the same time. She is also a very sensual model, and knows how to move in the gown in a very enticing way.

Unfortunately, about halfway through the clip, she stops paying attention to the satin and focuses on getting herself off with a glass dildo. At this point, “satinplay” gives way to “glass dildo play” – the satin gets moved to the side and not really touched again until she’s done. That was disappointing after such a strong buildup.

But hot model and hot gown! Would like to see more of both.

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Re: Roxanna clip is hot

Post by mysatin » Tue Jun 14, 2011 4:11 pm

Hi fondo,

Thanks for your feedback on the Roxanna satin dress clip - I've just watched it again and I can see what you mean. It's often quite difficult to direct the models, but comments like this certainly help us improve future shoots.

And I also have to agree with you that Roxanna is stunning - I've seen people stop and stare at her in the street...!

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