Work Stalker Gets Her Way Scenario

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Work Stalker Gets Her Way Scenario

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An obsessed stalker finding gets her way with a fellow worker that she has lust for...

A office worker, wearing a tight pencil satin skirt and satin blouse is on her lunch break and her obsessed worker, wearing satin office pants and a satin blouse finds her. They are both standing.

"I wish you would stop following me every where", says the office worker to the stalker, "I don't know what you mean", the stalker replies.

"You follow me around like a lost puppy every where, when I start and finish work and like now when it's break time. Plus I notice you watching me when I work and walk around the office, especially when I behind over. What do you want from me?". The stalker walks over to her prey making her back up against the wall and looks in to her eyes.

"I find you the most gorgeous and sexy woman I have ever seen and I love the satin you wear at work, that's why I am wearing it because you do. The way that the satin blouses cover those awesome breasts and the way that the satin hugs your wonderful ass and as you noticed, especially when you bend over. You drive me crazy every day at work and is intoxicating to me. What do I want? Simple, a kiss and hug, so I can finally feel that satin covered body pressed against me, and then I'll leave you alone". "Ok, one kiss then and a quick hug and then leave me alone."

The office worker pulls her stalker close and gives her a hug and then gives her a quick kiss. "That was a kiss you could give a family member, I want you to kiss me like a lover, full of passion and desire." So the office worker starts to slowly lick the lips of her stalker in a seductive way, and then tells her, "Now suck my tongue my lover". The stalker then begins to suck her tongue and then the two kiss each other passionately. As they kiss the stalker has pressed her body hard against her fellow worker body, grabbing her satin covered ass squeezing it. "You really love my ass, so have it", the worker turns around, bends over a bit, and the stalker spoons her behind standing up.

The stalker rubs her self all over her prey's satin covered ass, whilst her hands are feeling her satin blouse covered breasts. The two keep sliding over each other until the worker pulls up her skirt, showing her satin panty. "My stalker lover, eat my ass and make me cum", and the stalker kneel down on the floor and starts to kiss the workers ass over the satin panty. She slides her lips in between the ass crack of the worker, kissing it and licking it. Then she moves the satin panty aside and with her fingers penetrates her pussy. "That's the spot, fuck me, and don't stop till I am finished my stalker", In and out her fingers go deeper and deeper in to her prey pussy whilst her face is buried in her satin ass. The worker then grabs the back of the stalker's head forcing her face deeper into her ass and after a bit screams as she cums.

The worker then slides her skirt back down and just walks away, leaving the stalker kneeling on the floor.

The end.

end of transmission...
Roda SaTiN Stein
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