Sex Shop Worker Home Visit Scenario

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Sex Shop Worker Home Visit Scenario

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Here is another Scenario for you... A sex shop worker home visit to a unsatisfied wife...

A wife that is unsatisfied with her sex life with her husband arranges a home visit with a sex shop worker to explore some sex toys in the privacy of her house. The wife is wearing a tight short satin dress and the sex worker is wearing a satin blouse and tight satin pants. The sex worker walks up to the wife with two bags, one is full of satin lingerie and the other full of dildos, vibrators and a strap-on-dildo. They both are in the wife's house and sitting down on a couch.

"Thank you for coming to my house, I was too nervous of going into the shop and looking there cause I have never shopped for such things before. Plus I didn't want my husband to ask where I was." "It's my pleasure to be here, it's my business to give pleasure to clients and fulfill their sexual desires and needs. I have a collection of sex toys and lingerie for you to look at and explore". "I'm curious to see what you can offer. Me and my husband are going through a massive dry spell and I don't want to cheat on him, so having a sex toy to get off with will hopefully be a way satisfying myself without the guilt of an affair or one night stand." "Trust me, what I have will satisfy you guilt free. Now lets look at the lingerie first and work our way up to the sex toys to ease you into it. Take off that dress so you can try on the lingerie"

The wife has some issues reaching her zipper on the back of the dress, then the worker stands up and helps the wife unzip the dress.

"Wow you have a wonderful body, you look smoking hot". "Thank you, to bad I don't get such comments from my husband anymore". "Well if I was married to you, I would be doing more then comment"

The worker takes out of the lingerie 3 short satin chemise and a long satin nightgown and a few satin panties, "Here try on these and tell me what you love"

The wife picks up one of the satin panties and says, "I've never worn satin panties before", she takes off her cotton panty and puts on the full back satin brief. "Wow these feels amazing, I have been missing out", she says as she is feeling her ass and pussy through the satin panty. The worker says, "It does look fantastic on you and the satin makes your ass super sexy". "Thank you, I feel sexy in them", the wife replies. "Just wait till your husband sees you in it, he won't be able to resist."

The wife then took off her bra and tried on a few short satin chemise until she put on the long nightgown. "You should feel your satin panty through that satin nightgown, satin on satin feels amazing". As suggested, the wife felt her ass and pussy through the satin nightgown, "Holy crap that is so much better". Whilst the wife is enjoying her self with the satin, the worker gets the bag of sex toys and put them on the couch. Seeing this the wife scans over the sex toys and points to the strap-on-dildo, "What is that?". "This is mainly for lesbians to have sex, but straight sex, but didn't know what you would be into so I brought all kinds of sex toys for you to look at".

The wife runs her hand over the sex toys layered out on the couch and picks one up. "Now before you use one of those, you have to get your body stimulated and lubricated". What is a sexual fantasy that you would have loved your husband to do but hasn't yet?". The wife thinks and then answers, "I have always wanted him to pin me against the wall kissing me passionately whilst I can feel him hard, and then turn me around lift my skirt up and fuck me from behind against the wall". The worker picks up a dildo and tells the wife,"Follow what I do and whilst doing it, picture that fantasy happening". Using the dildo the worker slides it slowly over her breasts and does little circles over her nipples and the wife does the same.

Then the worker with the other starts to feel the other breast and with the other hand slides the dildo down her body to between her legs. She slides it up and down her thighs getting closer to her pussy and the wife matched the movements. Whilst the wife was enjoying her self, the worker moves closer and says, "This will help as well", as she moves the hair off the wife neck and starts to kiss. Noticing the wife is in fully pleasure mode, the worker puts on the strap-on-dildo and stands up. "What's up?" the wife asks, "Follow me", the wife stands up and follows the worker.

The worker leads the wife over the a wall and pins her against it, "Time to live out your fantasy", and starts kissing the wife passionately whilst rubbing the strap-on-dildo on her. The dildo slides between the wife legs with the satin nightgown folding inwards making the dildo press again the wife pussy. After dry humping the wife for a bit, she turns the wife around and presses her against the wall again. But she then lifts the satin nightgown up, moves the satin panty aside and with the strap-on-dildo enters her from behind and fucks the wife against the wall. After cumming hard, the best sex she has had in years, she buys some of the satin lingerie and dildos.

The End.

end of transmission...
Roda SaTiN Stein
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