Satin Nuru Massage Scenario

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Satin Nuru Massage Scenario

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I love a good nuru massage but I would love to see one done with satin not oil and it would go like this...

A straight girl/client gets a nuru massage but the female masseuse tells her that instead of oil, this massage parlor uses satin instead. She is in normal clothes but the masseuse is in a long satin robe and nightdress set. The masseuse hands the client just a pair of full back satin panties to wear for the massage. The client then get instructed to lay down on the air mattress under the satin sheet on her stomach. As the client slides under the satin sheet with her arms on top of the sheet, the masseuse takes off her robe and follows the client on the mattress but on top of the sheet.

The masseuse starts to massage her feet and legs, whilst the client tells her that she has never done anything like this before. She gets told by the masseuse that by the end of the massage she'll feel like heaven and completely relaxed. The client starts to moan as her legs and feet are massaged. After massaging the legs and feet, the masseuse moves to the back, sliding her hand over the client legs and ass to her back. She then slides her body on to her client laying down on her back. Using the pressure of her body and breast, she slides up and down her client's back. The client responds by garbing the masseuse nightdress on both sides, pulling her closer to her body and lifting her ass into her. After doing this for a bit, the masseuse instructs her client to roll over to her back so she can massage her front.

The masseuse sits on the client like a bike with her back facing her clients face, folding the satin nightdress under her making it tight around her ass. She bends using her legs as support, and using them to push her self up and down her client making her ass get near the clients face. Watching her ass the client says, "even though I'm not gay, your ass looks sexy in that satin", "I bet it would feel sexy as well". The client the puts her hands on the masseuse satin covered ass and starts to fill it., "yeah you're right". She then grabs her hips forces her ass to her face and starts kissing it. After enjoying this for a bit, the masseuse turns around and lays down on her facing her. half way down.

She uses the clients shoulders to pull herself up, making her satin cover breasts flow over the clients face and slides back down, doing this server times. But the client asks, "Can you do that without the sheet, so I can feel you in that satin nightdress on my bare skin?". The masseuse agrees and takes off the sheet leaving her client in nothing but the satin panties. The masseuse continues to slide on top of the client but now the client has her hands on her, feeling her as she slides and kissing her breasts. She then stops the masseuse looking her in the eyes and says, "There is two things that would make this better", "What two things?". The client opens her legs making the masseuse slide between them and forces her body down, pressing against her silky covered pussy. "That is better, now I can cum to your satin covered body. Then the other thing is for you to kiss me, whilst you make me cum and give me the happy ending of this massage".

The masseuse and client kiss passionately, whilst the masseuse thrusts her self on to the pussy of the client over and over again. Taking the hand of the masseuse hand, the client guides her hand to her satin panties and slips her hand under them. The masseuse plunges her fingers deep in side her clients pussy and finger fucks her. In exhortation of been deep inside her, the satin, and the kissing, the client arches her back and screams in orgasmic pleasure as she reaches climax.

The client then rolls over the masseuse over to her back and kisses her and tells her, "Your turn", flips her over on her stomach and raises the nightdress over her ass. Then eats the ass and pussy of the masseuse through the satin panty. She continues to do this until the masseuse also reaches climax. "Now you have a happy end as well", the client tells the masseuse.

The End.

end of transmission...
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Re: Satin Nuru Massage Scenario

Post by satintouches »

That sounds awesome, I'd love to see that in real life. I'm sure satin would be great instead of oil too.
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