Two Wifes Making Out and Making Love Scenario

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Two Wifes Making Out and Making Love Scenario

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Here is another scenario I would love to see, doesn't matter who does it...


Two wives are away on a business trip, whilst their husbands had to stay home to look after the kids. There was only one room left at the resort so they had to share. There was a formal night on the trip, so both are in long satin gowns. It's late at night, both are drunk and tired. The both are siting on the edge of the bed talking about how there was only one room and how their husbands are at home looking after the kids. The two decided it's time to go to sleep cause they have an early flight home.

Been drunk they can't get their own dresses off, so they help each other. They slip the dresses off revealing long satin slips underneath.

One of them lays down on the bed covered in satin but she jokingly lays down in the middle of the bed. The one standing laughs then says, "I know where I'm sleeping". She then climbs on the bed and then lays down top of the other woman, sliding in between her legs. "You can have the middle, cause I'm sleeping here", then wiggles and slides on top of her like she is getting comfy.

The one on the bottom hugs the one on top and laughs saying, "Looks like I'm your bed then". They lay still for a bit until the one on the bottom slides her hands down to the ass of the one on top and starts to feel her and press her on to her body. The one on top responds by grinding on her and moans in pleasure. Then pushes herself up to look in the eyes of the other says, "I never never done this with another woman, plus we should stop cause of our husbands", "I know we should stop but but I don't want to cause you feel so amazing in satin and got turned on when you slid between my legs", the other replies. "The way your hands are feeling my ass and pressing me into you is intoxicating, so I know what you mean. But it's making me want more."

"What more do you want?", the one on top kisses her and says, "I want to make out with you and make love to you in this satin". The one on the bottom wraps her legs around the other and says, "Then make love me". The woman on top smiles and then the two start kissing slowly as their bodies grind against each other. As time goes on the kissing becomes more passionate and deep, and the grinding becomes quick with more force. The two make passionate love to each other over the satin, sometimes rolling over so the other is on top. The new lovers do this until they both cum in ecstasy, making the one on top collapse in exhaustion. They both lie still embracing each other, so tired they are, they don't move and fall asleep in each others arms.

The end.

end of transmission...
Roda SaTiN Stein

BTW, I would pay to see these scenario's be made real.
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