How about some slow romantic and seductive dancing.

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How about some slow romantic and seductive dancing.

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G'day there fellow satin lovers and creators, I have an idea for a video... Please note, I'm an author/writer so I will be more detailed then most requests.

Scenario, I would love Amy Latina ( and Beth ( to do it...

Two women are at a fancy dressed party, one is a lesbian (Beth) and the other is straight (Amy) and her man left the party. Both are dressed in elegant long satin dresses. A romantic song starts playing and the lesbian walks over to the straight girl and asks her to dance. She resists a bit but cause she is annoyed that her man left the party does so.

The two start dancing slowly at arms length with hands on hips. The straight girl is nervous and barely looking at the other girl but the lesbian is checking her out. They do this for about minute, during this time the lesbian tells the straight girl how sexy she looks in the satin dress and that she would love to feel her in it. The lesbian twirls the straight girl under her arm and then embraces her in a hug. The straight girl tries to pull away but gets pulled back in. Both start to again start dancing, swaying together with the lesbian pressing her body into the straight girl, telling her that she feels incredible in the satin dress. The lesbian slides her hands on to the ass of the straight girl and starts grinding her through the satin dress telling her how much she wants to fuck her in the satin. The straight girl tells her that she isn't interested and that she wants her to stop, the lesbian tells her that it's not want her body is saying and continues to grind. But the song stops and the straight girl says that she is glad the song is finished, walks away and sits down.

The lesbian follows her and sits down next to her on the couch, again telling her how much she wants her, straight girl says again that she is straight and not interested. Lesbian says that her body with going with the flow on the dance floor. Then another song starts playing and the lesbian invites her back on the dance floor and tells her that she wont do anything but dance, the straight girl agrees and the two start dancing again but in a hug embrace from the start. The lesbian then looks at the straight girl in kissing distance and tells her that her in that satin dress is intoxicating and then moves behind her embracing her from behind. She grinds on her ass from behind sliding her hands up and down her dress and then slides one hand over her breasts and starts feeling her up through the dress. The straight girl tells her to please stop but gets told that she doesn't really want it to stop. The straight girl gets so turned on that she turns around and makes out with the lesbian, pressing her body on to hers sliding all over her.

The two do this until the straight girl gets so turned on that she tells the lesbian that if she wants to fuck her in that dress she can. The lesbian then takes the striaght girl to the couch, sitting her down, the lesbian slides her dress up and grinding the straight on top, kissing her at the same time. The both moan in pleasure for a minute until the straight girl tells the lesbian that if they are going to fuck that better do it for real. So the straight girl grabs the ass of the lesbian lifts her up and lays her down on the couch. She slides the dress up and feels her satin panty and then takes it off. The straight girl then lays on top of her making the lesbian cum with the satin dress as she slides on her exposed pussy, the lesbian grabbing the straight girls ass pressing her into her more. She tells the lesbian that the satin must feel better now and that fucking her in that satin dress is ultra hot and she is cuming as well and they continue until the lesbians cums and then she cums as well and both finishes.

The end.

end of transmission...
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Re: How about some slow romantic and seductive dancing.

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Love that scene but I would have played by guys at a costume party
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