Cheongsam with gloves?

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Cheongsam with gloves?

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I was wondering: if you guys do another cheongsam set, could you add in opera/over-elbow gloves, too? I think they go very well together and look extremely sexy!

Also, I apologise if this isn't the right place to post this.
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Re: Cheongsam with gloves?

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No I think you are quite right to post your views on this site.
it is a broad church where all fans of satin things can say what they want.

I would certainly go for a cheongsam and long satin opera gloves.

They are available on eBay in the UK though some are more polyester / stretchy ones.

The best seem to be made by a ? French firm called Dents. I have a number of pairs of gloves which I use as part of my satin play as it helps to numb the sensation in ones hands to make it feel like someone else is providing the stimulation.

I have also found that e stim devices are also great for hands free stimulation but are highly addictive as it gives me a very powerful orgasm and I love to spurt over dresses.


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