(Alex Adams) MySatin or preferably SatinPlay?

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(Alex Adams) MySatin or preferably SatinPlay?

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Hi, I'm wondering if you guys could do photo-shoots Of Alex Adams. She use to be on BabeStation. She's one of my all time favourite women. I know you guys had no luck with Jada :( but Alex Adams has done satin Photo-Shoots before on another website called SatinSilkFun.com so the odds are better. You guys on SatinPlay/MySatin make women look miles better in satin compared to SatinSilkFun which is why I'm so desperate to see her on it :!: . She has an amazing face and body and her ass is even better! I Would love to see her in Pyjamas on a bed bending over and lying back spreading and in a replicated gallery of Jess West's (Purple Satin Nightie) gallery but with Alex Adams. MySatin or preferably SatinPlay if possible :wink: ? I would really appreciate it! Thanks for reading!
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Re: (Alex Adams) MySatin or preferably SatinPlay?

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I don't think Alex Adams is modelling anymore?
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