Young Man Satin Ass Obsession with Mature Woman Scenario

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Young Man Satin Ass Obsession with Mature Woman Scenario

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Simon is a 21-year-old man that has been living with his mother’s best friend Rebecca aged 42. This is due to the tragedy of his dad and mum been killed in a car crash at age 13. He was about to go into the foster system until his mother’s best friend came to the rescue and adopted him and took care of him till he became an adult.

This pleased Simon in one very specific way, when ever she was around for parties or just the casual dinner, she would 70% of the time wear something satin which gave him the fetish for it. Be that a dress, skirt or blouse. One time she was over, she had to much to drink and stayed overnight, and he saw her in a satin chemise that he figured she wore underneath her clothes.

Rebecca is a very curvy and busty woman and the satin she wore was always tight around those curves. One curve of hers that Simon loves the most is her ass, the satin she wore would always pull tight over her curvy ass checks. Simon would always love to be behind her when she was around and in satin to get the perv on her satin covered ass.

The fortunate thing about his parents death and him been adopted by Rebecca was the overdoes of opportunity of perving on her ass in satin. She would wear satin to work, casually around the house, and to bed. One thing she wore that drove his nuts, nuts was a purple satin robe she would wear around bed time and in the mornings. At age 21 and about to get married and move out, he knew he wanted to touch her ass in satin at least once before moving out, and the following is him taking the opportunities to do just that.

One day after a long day at work Rebecca arrives home and wanted to get out of her work clothes, which would be a satin blouse and office skirt. She takes off her clothes and then put on the purple satin robe and then walk downstairs and sat on the couch. Been tired after work she puts on the TV to watch something to nap to.

Rebecca then lays down on the couch on her stomach and whilst watching the TV she falls asleep, and as she does the robe has moved into the crack of her ass, showing her curvy ass under the robe.

Simon returns home to find her sleeping and then notices her ass crack in the robe. He knows he will never get another opportunity like this and approaches her and bends down next her ass. He slightly touches it to make sure she is asleep, and she don't move.

He touches her ass a little be more and more getting adventurous with each touch. He slides his hands all over her satin covered body but always returns to her ass. He then starts to kiss it and squeeze it as he gets his cock out and starts to wank. Then he takes off his pants and climbs on top of her and slides his dick on her ass back and forth.

He then inserts his dick into her satin cover ass checks and she wakes up but is enjoying it and let him fuck her for a bit. But she don't want him to come on her robe so she makes a move like she is awake. He panics and gets off her, puts his pants back on and runs away.

Part 2: The Satin Ass Dance

The next night Rebecca is sitting on the couch chillin wearing the purple satin robe closed over a long satin nightgown, when Simon comes to her upset. He sits down next to her and basically this quick conversation happens, before the next stage of Simon loving Rebecca in satin....

"What is wrong?" Rebecca

"I can't dance" Simon

"Why do you need to dance" Rebecca

"My fiancé said if I don't learn to dance soon, she won't marry me" Simon

"Oh wow that is serious, I can teach you to dance" Rebecca

"That would be awesome, when can we start?" Simon

"Right now if you want?" Rebecca

The Simon agrees and they both stand up, start dancing with hands on hips, swaying together. He can’t believe that he is touching her in satin again so soon. She gets him to twirl under his arm and then they both end up in a hugging embrace and start to sway again. Then Simon then slides his hands down her back on to her ass.

"You love my ass, don't you Simon?" Rebecca.

"Oh sorry" Simon says and slides his hands back up off her ass.

"You don’t need to applogise Simon, I have known longer then yesterday that you have a thing for my ass and yes you fucking it woke me up" Rebecca.

“I couldn’t help it, the way your robe was in those perfect ass checks, drove me crazy and I couldn’t help myself”, Simon

“I’m glad that you couldn’t because I have felt your eyes on my ass for years, and the older you have gotten the more I have wanted you to touch it” Rebecca says grabbing Simons hands putting them back on her ass.

Simon starts to feel it and presses hard against her. He then stops and opens the satin robe and slides his hands under it and puts them on her satin nightgown ass. As he felts and squeezes her ass, he starts to kiss her neck then kisses down to her breasts.

Rebecca then tells him to kiss her lips and they both make out passionately whilst grinding on each other and him feeling and squeezing her ass. He then turns her around and presses his hard dick against her ass hugging her from behind. He slides himself against her ass and starts to dry hump it and she presses her ass against him moving it up and down.

But then after he dry humps her some more, she gives in and then walk over to the couch and bends over. She slides the robe off her shoulders and then it falls and cascades over her ass as it falls on to the ground. She spreads her legs and makes the nightgown fold between her ass checks.

"This is what you want but you can't come on me because this gown is expensive." Rebecca.

Simon takes off his pants but then buries his face into her satin ass and eats and kisses it through the satin. He then stands up and starts to fuck her satin covered ass, which makes her moan in pleasure. After awhile, he cums pointing his dick away from her and feeling her ass whilst he does. He then lifts the night gown up, so not to make a mess and starts to devour her until she cums herself.

Part 3: Climax on Satin Ass.

Rebecca not only wants him to cum on her ass, she wants him inside her, so she sets up a situation for that to happen. The next day at nighttime, she puts on a very tight satin pj pants set that she has had for years with the purple robe. But before she puts on the satin pj pants, she cuts a hole between the legs for him to enter her through. She acts as though she has hurt herself which will make Simon massage her. Standing next to the couch leaning against it slightly bent over she calls for your Simon. Simon just had a shower and is in only a towel. As he comes towards her, she starts massaging her ass.

"I feel over at work today and thought I was ok but turns out that I hurt myself. Can you please give me a massage to help with the pain?" Rebecca.

Simon agrees and Rebecca then removes the robe, letting it slide on the floor over her ass.

"Where does it hurt?" Simon

"From my lower back to my thighs" Rebecca says as she slides her hand down her back, over her ass and thigh.

With them both standing he starts to massage her lower back, and whilst he does she press her ass into him. During the massage she would move her ass on to him, sliding it over him. He then moves his hands down your back and starts to massage she hips and she can feel him getting hard. Rebecca then reaches between and takes off the towel.

She could feel his hard dick pressing into her satin covered cheeks, sliding between them.

"As good as this feels, it would be better if I laid down for you to massage me better" Rebecca.

Then Rebecca lays down on the couch on her stomach, Simon follows and starts to massage her back again kneeling next to the couch.

"Can you be on top on me so your whole-body weight is on me to give a better massage" Rebecca.

Then Simon then climbs on top of her, with his harden dick pressed into your her. He starts to massage her lower back, whilst moving back and forth making his dick slide between her checks, she responds by lifting her ass into it. He thinks he could feel a whole in her pants but couldn’t be sure.
After massaging her back for a bit, he moves down to massage her ass. He massages her ass checks and upper thighs. He occasionally slips his hand between her legs and goes to massages her pussy in which he finds the hole in the pants.

“Umm, Rebecca there is a hole in your pants, I’m sorry if I put it there” Simon.

“Oh I forgot about that, I’ve been meaning to fix that for years now. Just continue doing what you are doing because it’s helping me in more ways then one” Rebecca.

He then continues to massage her ass checks, feeling a bit nervous to find the hole in the pants again. But his downstairs brain takes over and he then slides his hand down her silken ass crack and finds the hole again.

He bends down and kisses her satin covered ass checks moving towards her ass crack. She then gets into the doggy style position, and he spreads her ass devouring her pussy through the hole. As he is devouring her, he can feel the satin on her ass checks brush against his face which turns him on immensely.

“I want you so bad Rebecca” Simon

“I want you to Simon, so take me now” Rebecca

She tells him as Simon devours her some more, his dick aching and throbbing to be inside her and feel those satin cheeks again. So he stops devouring her, knees before her ass and starts sliding his hard dick between her silken ass checks.

He continues to do so until he finds the hole and feels her pussy incredibly wet. This makes his hard dick throb, and it enters her. Both her pussy and her satin covered ass checks close around his dick. Thrusting in and out of her wet pussy, he could also feel the satin checks brush against his dick which he loved.

They end up fucking so hard that Rebecca because of the slippery pjs, falls flat on the couch. This made it better for Simon because it made her whole ass and body press against him whilst he was inside her. He then reached around to her front to grab her satin covered breasts and feels them. They continue to fuck hard until Simon is about to cum…

“I’ve got to get out, I’m about to cum” Simon.

“Don’t Simon, I want you to come inside me. I’ve had a hysterectomy, so just explode inside me” Rebecca.

This made Simon thrust harder inside her pounding her ass checks and feeling that glorious satin slide against his dick. He does one last thrust into her super wet pussy and explodes deep inside her, holding on to her for dear life.

The end

end of transmission...
Roda SaTiN Stein
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