Best satin thongs

Let us know what your favourite sets are, which pics/videos are the best?
Got an idea for a new set? Let us know here
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Best satin thongs

Post by Mrxxxx »

Hi all, I have just joined this forum.

I very much have a big satin fetish for thongs, specifically women’s thongs despite being a guy.

I have owned many over the years but none of which fully satisfied me until I discovered the second skin range by Lexington Intimates. They are truly amazing. Super shiny, stretchy and they even fully cover my cock and balls.

Here’s a link to my favourite. ... thong-pink

I hope you guys and girls check these out!
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Re: Best satin thongs

Post by Vabhot »

Hi, very nice collection that seems to be of good quality. Just looking at the pictures is very exciting. I'm going to order a whole set for my wife and we're going to have a lot of fun... Thanks so much for the link
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