Widow and Friend Share a Bed Scenario

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Widow and Friend Share a Bed Scenario

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A recent widow has her best friend stay in her house for support, the friend is sleeping in the spare room...

The friend is sleeping in her friends spare room, she is wearing a short satin chemise, sleeping in satin sheets. The widow walks in, wearing a long satin nightgown, and gently wakes her up.

"Sorry to wake you up but I'm finding it hard to sleep in a bed alone, can I sleep in the bed with you?". "Of course yoi can, that's why I am here to support you through this dark time", the friend moves over to give her room to lay down. The widow lays down next to her friend, "Thanx, I'm not use to an empty bed yet".

The widow tosses and turns unable to sleep when her friend askes, "What's wrong?". "I usually spoon my husband from behind before falling asleep", "You can spoon me", the friend replies. The friend turns around and the widow slides on the satin sheet behind her friend pressing herself against ass her and cuddles her from behind. "There is that better?", "Yes, this feels much better thank you, you're a great friend", "It's my pleasure, now lets try and sleep".

The widow and friend try to fall asleep when the friend wiggles her ass again the widow, "My hubby use to do that", "Do you want me to stop?", "No, it was making me relax more". Thus the friend slowly wiggled her satin covered ass against the widow, the widow then starts playing with her friends breast. "I must be dreaming cause I have never desired a woman before, this feels surreal but sexy as hell", the widow says.

The widow continues to play with her friends breast as she slides her ass against her. "I want you so bad right now", the friend says, the she grabs the hand of the widow that was playing with her breast, slides it down her satin cover body and glides it between her legs placing the hand on top of her pussy covered in satin panty. Through the satin panty the widow starts to finger the pussy of her friend, "Wow, I can feel you wet through the satin".

The friend then turns around to face the widow pulling her close and sliding her leg between the widows legs and start humping her with her leg. The wife giggles, "Did I tickle you?" the friend asks, "No you didn't, I just remembered that my hubby always wanted to see me kiss a woman and have sex with her". "Well we are on the way to having sex, we have not done the kiss part. So why don't you kiss me on our way to sex and give him a great show beyond the grave", the friend replies.

The two begin to kiss each other, slowly at first but them more passionately as they grind on each others bodies. The widow the rolls over and grinds her friend on top. Then the widow gets up and slides herself between her friends legs and starts scissoring her on top, having her pussy and her friends pussy rub against each other. The satin panties makes this very slippery and satisfying for both of them, and the widow's long satin nightgown flows over her friend and sways with the motion. The two grind each others pussies, making the satin panties extremely wet, which turns each other on more. Over and over they grind until the widow has an orgasm so good that she forgets the death of her hubby and gets lost in the moment. Then the friend cums shortly after and the widow falls in to the arms of her friend from pure exhaustion.

The End

end of transmission...
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Re: Widow and Friend Share a Bed Scenario

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Beautiful story. Wish I were there
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Re: Widow and Friend Share a Bed Scenario

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OMG - you have to make this video !!!!
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