A new website for mens satin clothing

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A new website for mens satin clothing

Post by TheSatinWebsite » Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:48 am

Hello every one.

I want to introduce my self, my name is Steve, I have a website called The SATIN website http://www.thesatinwebsite.co.uk I have had it for a few months now. It is my 2nd satin website, I lost my computer the 1st time round, it is certainly fun to be back on the satin scene :D

My website is dedicated to mens satin clothing from mens satin jackets to mens satin underwear and everything inbetween. The website is primarily for gay men and their satin fetish, but even if you are straight and enjoy mens satin clothing it is still for you.

There is thousands of pictures, over 500 satin videos (to date - 6 August 2010) and much more. I welcome you all to come and have a look (http://www.thesatinwebsite.co.uk)

I have had a satin fetish ever since I was a kid, I love satin jackets, I remember watching the 'Fall Guy' with Lee Majors when I was a kid where he used to wear a satin jacket in most of his episodes. I used love see the shine of the satin and remember just wanting to touch his satin jacket, it looked so nice and smooth. I do like some satin shirts, but it does really depend on the style and cut.

If you want to get intouch with me direct, my email is thesatinwebsite@yahoo.co.uk I answer all emails personally and I look forward to speaking to you :D

Hope to speak to you soon

Steve - The SATIN website


Email me: thesatinwebsite@yahoo.co.uk

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Re: A new website for mens satin clothing

Post by sealion » Sat Aug 07, 2010 2:53 am

yes it is a good website for mens satin clothing.You can get some good ideas for dressing in satin from it too. also there is the satin fan club which has 215 members with 25 on profile,including me as 1 of the 215 . :D You also have the opportunity to write a satin story for the satin fan club if you wish, or read other peoples.

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