A story of a naughty aunty seducing her niece with satin

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A story of a naughty aunty seducing her niece with satin

Post by cdinsatin » Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:15 am

Aunty always loved having her niece visit. But today was special. Today was the day her little girl should be squirming helplessly and gasping for her Aunty to stop, which, of course, Aunty wouldn’t. If Aunty preyed on her niece’s weakness for satin carefully enough, she shouldn't be able to resist.

So naughty. This was just so naughty!

Knowing how much her girl adores the feel of satin, Aunty makes sure she has dressed in her most slippery clothes. Her white satin blouse and smooth roomy black satin skirt. With her thin satin slip sliding over her high gloss, roomy black satin French knickers, black satin suspenders and black nylon stockings gliding silkily beneath the satins of her skirt, Aunty is sure her niece’s weakness for anything satin is going to be particularly tickled today. Hmmm, yes - definitely tickled.

On arriving and giving her girl a long welcoming kiss and slow hug (Aunty is very pleased to feel her girls hands already smoothing into the satins of Aunty's blouse and slip), Chatting away to her adoring girl, Aunty leads her up into Aunties bedroom. As they climb the stairs, she tells the beaming child that Aunty has been Birthday present shopping. Yes, Aunty knows her girls Birthday isn't until next month, but 35 years is a very special Birthday and, as you should know, Aunty believes in being prepared.

As she leads her girl into her bedroom, her niece lets out a gasp of surprise. There, on Aunty's huge satin covered bed, lays satin dresses and slips and satin suspenders with glossy black stockings, and a beautiful pair of shiny black satin French knickers.

'Yes', explains Aunty, 'they are all for you, but we have to make sure they're the right size and also make sure they're properly slippery; nothing worse than satin that doesn't feel the right kind of slippery, don't you agree. Now, darling, out of those things so we can get you dressed up properly. Oh now, you mustn't be shy my angel. No, I'm sure your Mummy wouldn't mind you changing in my bedroom, darling, and we are quite alone here together, just the two of us, no one to see what we do together here, is there? We can do whatever we'd like to in here with each other, and no one will ever know.'

Aunty spots the little look in her nieces’ eyes. Just the tiniest hint that she could be naughty if she wanted. Aunty could almost hear her thoughts weighing up what she might do "After all, no one can see" and "Aunty wouldn't tell Mummy, would she?”

Anticipating her reluctance, Aunty presses on.

'It does feel a little naughty, my darling, doesn't it? I don't know about you, but feeling lots of satin over and over, especially when the satins are as silky and glossy as your Birthday presents here, it makes your Aunty feel quite- well, I must confess, I do feel a little as if we shouldn't - it's quite exciting in a naughty kind of a way, but of course we will both behave ourselves, won't we? I know! Here, I'll draw the curtains so it's nice and cosy and a little dark, still just light enough to see how shiny your new satin things are but we don't need to see the satins to feel how slithery they are do we?. It will be our secret, darling, I don't want your Mummy thinking I spoil you, and I'm sure she will think dressing you up in lots of slippery satins would be spoiling you. So we shan't tell Mummy anything about our lovely dressing up session together, shall we?'

She sees the relief in her expression and knows she's getting closer to persuading her excited girl to undress. "Don't rush her" she tells herself.

'Oh, you've never undressed in front of anyone else before? Now you Mustn't worry, my love. I will help you, and each time you've taken something off, we will stop and I will give you a hug and a kiss before you take off the next thing. We'll take our time and have as many hugs and kisses as you want, my angel. Oh! I've just thought. Will you mind my satin things slipping against your skin once you've taken everything off, my darling, when you hug me? It'll be a little silky and tickly, and probably quite slippery, as satin is wont to be, so I'll try not to wriggle against you too much as we hug.'

Aunty struggles to keep her expression neutral as she almost hugs herself in glee both at the innocence she managed to imbue into her voice, and at the mixed look of horror, and longing, that passes across her girls face at the prospect of being allowed to take off her clothes and rubbing up against a satin covered Aunt.

Her girl shyly nods her consent and Aunty smiles her most disarming smile and says

'No? Well, good then. That's decided, and if- Oh! Good girl, that's your skirt off. Oh come here, my darling. That's my good girl.'

Aunty enfolds her blushing girl in an enveloping embrace gently slipping a satin covered stockinged leg between hers as she feels her girls fingers lightly rubbing her blouses satin into the thin satin of her slip underneath and feels fingers grip her suddenly as Aunties lips finds hers and Aunty rubs her satined leg between her girls. Aunty senses her nieces breathing speeding up and presses her advantage. Parting from her lips with reluctance she says,

'Right my darling. What's next.'

Her flustered niece quickly unbuttons her blouse, fumbling in her haste, slips it from her shoulders and practically runs back into her Aunts open and waiting arms snuggling into her Aunts satin sheathed body.

'Oh, angel. Your silky panties do feel nice, my darling. I'm just so looking forward to seeing what your new glossy black satin knickers feel like, aren't you?'

Pressing her lips once more against her lovely nieces’ rosebud mouth, shamelessly, Aunty wriggles her satin sheathed form into her shaking girls’ body. Time and time again, her nervously excited girl shakes off additional items, which are quickly discarded. Smiling into their kiss, Aunty silently shouts a cry of triumph when her nieces’ hands slide down briefly over her softly smooth satin skirted bottom, feeling the satin layers sliding before quickly rising again to her silky satin blouse and slip. Aunty delicately slips her tongue gently between her girls’ soft lips to tickle her tongue briefly before parting to look into her smiling and coy face.

'Now, my lovely sissy darling,'

Aunties whispered voice is almost quivering with sex, having kissed and caressed the completely beautiful naked girl in her arms, her little girl finding it impossible to keep her excitement hidden as it rubs against her Aunties glossy skirt, she leaving a glistening trail as testimony to her arousal.

'Let’s see if your presents fit, shall we. Sussies first.'

Aunty fastens the deep satin belt in place, then, kneeling in front of her obviously excited sissy niece, slowly, so slowly, she unravels a gossamer stocking up each leg to fix them in place to the three clips either side, adjusting the straps so that they keep her girls new stockings nice and taught as she walks.

Taking the liquid black satin French knickers, Aunty, still kneeling, holds them open. Her girl steadies herself by holding Aunties shoulders as she steps one foot then the other into their slithery tunnels. Then Aunty draws them deliberately up, careful to make sure the satin slides against her girls glossy nyloned sheathed legs as she pulls. Only with supreme effort can Aunty stop herself from taking her girls leaking excitement between her deeply crimsoned painted lips as she lifts the black satin up and over to trap her inside the loose knickers. The front of the fine slippery fabric is stained with a of line wetness. Aunty takes care not to say anything as her girl seemed to be unaware that it's happening.

"Patience. Patience" she repeats the mantra. "She'll realise soon enough, by which time it'll be too late; she'll be too far gone to resist. She's nearly ready, nearly there. She'll be mine in minutes."

Placing her hands on her girls’ satined hips Aunty stands letting her hands slip momentarily around her girls slipperily sheathed cheeks and back again. Watching as her girl's eyes close and her bottom lip is sucked under her teeth as the pleasure of Aunties satin caress consumes her. Dropping the thin satin of the slip down over her head she marvels at the fit even with the tented knickers pushing at the slips hem.

'Now, let's try this dress first. Oh, darling, no. I'm sure Mummy wouldn't think that this lovely shiny satin dress is too short. Aunty thinks you look good enough to eat in it and it shows off lots of your gorgeously glossy stockings really nicely'.

Once her breathlessly excited girl was silkily sheathed from head to toe, naughty Aunty says she now needs to make sure that the layers of the satin clothes that Aunty has chosen to dress her (innocent and deliciously unsuspecting niece) in, felt properly slippery over each other.

Leading her dressed and trusting girl to her large bed, Aunty slips her hands about her girl's waist, the satins of her indecently short dress and high gloss slip slipping beautifully over each other, making her trembling girl shiver still more with mounting excitement. Aunty tells her she has to find out whether her satin presents are properly slippery by slowly cuddling and caressing her through her new shiny satin things.

'She'd like Aunty to do that, wouldn't she? Yes, that's my good girl. Aunty would never forgive herself if she hadn't made sure her lovely girl was feeling as nice as she could be. You enjoy being girly with Aunty, don't you darling, having me dress you in all these lovely pretty slippery things?'

Aunty almost squeaks in excitement as her girl nods shyly in reply. She encourages her shaking niece onto her soft satin covered bed; constantly talking to her quietly to distract her from what Aunty is about to do to her, she gently and unhurriedly pushes her lovely girl down onto its silky surface. Aunty, smiling down into her wide eyed face, lies down beside her, taking her in a gentle, tickling hug.

Kissing her little girl's worried lips, Aunty reassures her that

'No, darling, of course mummy wouldn't mind Aunty touching her there like this. Mummy would be just so pleased that she was being such a good girl for Aunty, smiling when Aunty tickled her there - yes, darling, that's right, Just... there; doesn't that feel silky? So slippery and nice? Do you like the way the satin of your dress moves over your other satin things underneath and the way it rides up a little each time my hand rubs like this? Ooo, yes darling! Aunty knew you would. Oh yes, good girl. No, darling. Aunty loves to hear you making those little noises when I touch you. Every time I hear you - yes, just like that, my angel - I know you're really enjoying what I'm doing to you. I particularly like it when you show your Aunty that you like the things that Aunty is doing to you by kissing Aunty, and smoothing your hands into Aunties satin too.

'Oh no, don't worry about that funny thing moving under Aunties satin skirt, my darling girl, it just shows how much Aunty likes to feel your hand sliding her satin skirt over her satin slip and her lovely slippery panties; here, my darling, let me take your hand. Hmm, just there, my angel. Ooo, that's nice! Yes, darling, slowly up and down. You can feel how slippery Auntie's panties are too, can't you, sliding under her silky dress and slip? Do you know, I believe they- hmm ooh - they're just like mummies silky satin one's. But you mustn't tell mummy you've been touching Aunty there. I wouldn't want mummy to think I was copying her by wearing the same things - our secret, darling. Hmmm yes, slide it just like that - oooh! That's a good girl for Aunty.'

Aunty knows, after her tickling fingers have worked all over her excited girls quiveringly sensitive satin sheathed body, that her niece will become helplessly breathless and compliant; When Aunty has visited her niece at home, she has watched the way her girls fingers unconsciously stroke and caress over her aunties silky clothes, watching as her little girls eyes half-close with pleasure as the effect of her innocent satin tickling takes hold. She remembers too, with a smug smile, how her little girl gasped quietly into her ear when, as she hugged her satin niece goodbye, she let one hand - out of sight of her mummy - slowly glide down over her back to gently tickle her fingers into the layers of her satin dress, slip and panties covering her quiveringly sensitive little bottom, her hand giving the soft cheeks a slippery satin squeeze, whilst pulling her towards Aunties’ satin skirt and swaying just slightly, to feel her girl slide against her there before parting with a smile into her deliciously innocent girl's confused and flusteredly wanting face.

Caressed now in satin by her wicked Aunt, the poor girl becomes so squirmy under aunties hands, lovingly slipping her gasping nieces slithery satin clothes, her clever and calculating Aunty could take advantage of her panting child, slipping pass the silken layers of her satin to slide inside her glossy panties feeling her wet and twitching there.

'Hmm darling? Oh that's just some of my own very special moisturiser, my angel. Just relax my lovely girl that's right. Just let Aunties fingers smooth the cream into you there. No, darling, no! Just relax, relax. That's right, that's right, that's a good girl. Just let your legs relax my love. Yes darling. Yes! There's a good girl. My special moisturiser helps doesn't it? G-ooood. Good girl. Just relax as I push there, yes good girl. I can see you smiling. Yes I can. Do you like your new satin things? Do they feel nice and slippery as you wriggle inside them, my angel?'

Weakened by her Aunties loving fingers and lips wakening this strange desire, her wrigglingly helpless niece would be powerless to prevent her own leaking excitement from liberally coating the inside of her now taughtly stretched shiny knickers, the fingers of Aunties pushing advances pulling them across her, rhythmically, wiping the saturatingly wet and slimy satin back and forth cleverly stroking her in front as the fingers stretch and push at her panting girls pouting bud at the back. Whimpering for Aunty to...

'Stop, oh please, Aunty, s-stop, Aunty stop! Oh Mummy will tell me off for being so naugh- Hmmm, ohhh! Aunty! Naughty! This is so naughty, hmm, so slipper- wet, Aunty, my ne-new knickers are so w-wet, Aunty, so wet! Why are they wet, oh what's happening to me? I-I feel so creamy, Oh, s-so silky, so lovel- oh! Oh yessss! Hmmm!. Oh! My satin knickers are so wet and slippery under my dress and they feel so so silky when your hand ru-rubs them up and down like tha-. Oh no, OH NO! Please stop, please stop! It's too much, too much, Aunty, hmm TOO MUCH!


Oh, thank you, Aunty, thank you. Thank you for stopping, Aunty. I was sure something w-was going to happen to me then. I was throbbing, Aunty. Throbbing!. Oh, I feel so strange, Aunty, it's so lov- hmm? Roll over, Aunty? You want to cuddle me from behind? Yes, I'd like that. L-like this, Aunty, on my side? Hmm, yes, it does feel nice being cuddled from behind. Oh! Aunty, why are you pulling my panties over? Oh, please, Aunty, please don't put y-your fingers there again. Au- I-I can feel something! It's not your fingers. It's warm and quite hard, Aunty? Oooo, not the front of my knickers again, don't rub me there again. Don't rub my knic-ooo! Oooooooh, nice, so nice! Oh Aunty, the front of lovely knickers are so wet there, i'm starting to throb agai- My leg? My leg back over your leg, Aunty? Like this? Hm? Yes, I like feeling your satin sleeve rubbing against my stockings. What is that hard thing, Aunty? What is it? Your arm, it's holding me so very tightly, Aunty. I can hardly move. You're pulling me very tightly. Why ar- Oh! what is that pushing, Aunty? It's pushing inside my panties, Aunty, between my bottom, Aunty! I don't lik- OW! Ow! Oh no! OW! Aunty! Sto-stop Oh my, ow! oh please let me g- mmmm- oooo! Pl- Oooooh, ow, I can't close my legs, Aunty (sob!) please (sob!) oh Aunty what are you doing- ow! What are you doing to me? Oh stop, please sto- Ooooo! Oooh, gosh! Ooh gosh! Oh Aunty. Just there, Aunty! Ooooo! Don't, yes push, oh Aunty, push. Oh please, hmm, don't sto...OOoooooh!......... AUNTY! PLEASE PUSH! OH WET, AUNTY, WET! THROBBING! I'M SQUIRTING IN MY KNICKERS! SQUIRTING! OH I CAN FEEL YOU! FEEL YOU THERE INSIDE! WET, SO - AAAH! WET. MY KNICKERS ARE SOAKING, GETTING SO WET, AUNTY. DON'T STOP DON'T STOP!. OH! OH! CUMMING? CUMMING, AUNTY? OH! YES! YES, I CAN FEEL YOU, FEEL YOU JERKING INSIDE ME.

Oh, lovely, Aunty, lovely. Is that you cumming? Hmm, ooh, in and out, in and out. Oh, my lovely Aunty (sob!), oh Aunty (sob!) oh it's so nice, so Nice. Oooooo....'

The two satin girls, that naughty Aunty and her now very naughty sissy niece, lie spoon fashion against each other, a slow rivulet of slippery cream dribbling down between them as they cuddle gently, the rubbing satins starting to stir them again. The niece knowing her sore bottom is about to be pushed into again.

Knowing her Aunty can't see her face, she smiles at the thought, wriggling and squirming as her Aunty squeezes the wet satin knickers into her coiling naughtiness. "Hmm yes. Mummy will never know if we do it just one more time. Just once mor-

Oh, Aunty!'

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Re: A story of a naughty aunty seducing her niece with satin

Post by Lori234 » Fri Jun 18, 2010 3:12 pm

That is one hot story. I came in my satin panties as I read it.

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Re: A story of a naughty aunty seducing her niece with satin

Post by mica46 » Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:52 pm

Very good and now if you'll excuse me I'm just off to the bathroom :!:

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Re: A story of a naughty aunty seducing her niece with satin

Post by satincandies » Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:55 am

hmm would have loved to been in the room just to watch that develish auntie.....................hmm maybe a threesome???????


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Re: A story of a naughty aunty seducing her niece with satin

Post by DressInSatin » Sat Apr 06, 2013 10:14 pm

My God! I just read the story! So much silky satin - and what a gooood messy orgasm it gave me. Luckily I was alone and already wearing one of my satin slips, so my cum found its silky destination on the shiny, smooth, white satin.
I'd really have loved to examine that funny thing under aunties satin skirt, maybe put it in my mouth, still wrapped in the lovely satin of the skirt. Wonder what would happen if I tried to tease it with my tongue and perhaps jerked it gently with my mouth outside the smooth satin...

What would happen, cdinsatin?

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Re: A story of a naughty aunty seducing her niece with satin

Post by Lovesatinnighties » Sun Apr 07, 2013 10:52 am

Wow. What a sexy story. Wish I was the sissy niece. I've had to slip into some silky nighties & cover myself in satin to have another read. Feeling very naughty xxx

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Re: A story of a naughty aunty seducing her niece with satin

Post by Knickernephew » Fri Jun 13, 2014 9:14 am

Oooh. Such a wonderful story! Covered in satin and nylon and Aunty inside her sissyhole. Mmm oh to feel Aunties cum spurt in my hole!

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Re: A story of a naughty aunty seducing her niece with satin

Post by chrissyukcd1960 » Fri Sep 12, 2014 2:40 pm

Wow such a good story, love how she loves to smooth her hands over aunties satin and eventually feels auntie have her big orgasm inside her as they slip and slither together in their smoothly ironed satin. I really erupted reading this story.

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Re: A story of a naughty aunty seducing her niece with satin

Post by szewei85 » Sat Sep 13, 2014 7:12 pm

holy fark...this should be shot in porn video form :lol:

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