Crossdresser tricked into being reawakened by gay admirer

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Crossdresser tricked into being reawakened by gay admirer

Post by cdinsatin » Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:29 am

This is a story I have been adding to for a little while now. Would love to know what you all think about it so far.

Trish xxx

“So I should think we will still be able to make use of it whilst the refurbishment work is being carried out downstairs. “

We were standing in the huge master bedroom. David appeared distracted, almost excited for some reason today, and I opened my mouth to gently to remind him the latter half of the first month of the project would mean the bedroom being stripped of its furniture for the new, very expensive, oak flooring that was part of the upgrade plan.

“I know, I know, Patrick” David said, good naturedly, “new flooring will mean a hotel for a week towards the end of the first month. I haven’t forgotten.” he reached out and squeezed my shoulder, “But thank you for thinking to remind me. I’ve arranged for the bed, drawers, dresser and wardrobes to be stored in one of the empty stables. I’ve had our head girl, Liz, make sure it’s nice and clean.”

He was just such a nice man. I lived for these moments in my job. Clients could be a real pain with some making quite unreasonable demands of the firm and of the contractors my consultancy had to work with. But David was a joy.

I was his liaison with the consultancy. We had met roughly a dozen times, firstly at the office, with David, after the third meeting, insisting I be present at any and all subsequent meetings. I was extremely flattered. My position within the company was not that senior, but I did pride myself on making sure the company’s clients got our best possible service at all times, and it must be this, I supposed, that David appreciated.

My last six meetings with him had all been on site, at David’s substantial Hampshire country residence, he picking me up from the tiny branch line station and driving through the beautiful and secluded countryside chatting amiably all the while. I comically imagined the little train station only stayed open because of him. There just didn't seem to be anyone else nearby and I certainly hadn't seen another soul at the old Victorian ticket office or platform.

David had originally only wanted a small amount of work done to the property which, as far as I was concerned, was perfect just as it was, but he then suddenly announced, during meeting number four, that he was changing his brief, and our directors were overjoyed to see many months of upgrading and improvement work springing up out of an initially short and relatively small commission.

The project director had warned me that David wanted to have me available on site for most of the day to discuss his on-going requirements and informed me that I was to do everything I could to make sure he was happy. I thought that that really was rather an unnecessary thing to say, bearing in mind my penchant for keeping clients happy with our service, but I was very pleased to be out of the office for the day, quite apart from the fact that I found David extremely pleasant company.

David's wonderfully sweet housekeeper, Mrs. Day, with whom I seemed to hit it off in a big way on my first visit ("I'm really pleased to meet you, Mr Patrick. Mr. David's told me so much about you"), had made up a fantastic lunch. After her making sure that we knew where everything was in preparation for our lunch, David insisted that she take the rest of the day off assuring her he could manage to tidy away the lunch things.

He decided it would only be sensible to have a couple (a couple!!) of bottles of a really nice Cabernet Sauvignon as an accompaniment. Not being used to alcohol at lunchtime, the delicious wine had left me more than a little relaxed especially the way David kept my stupidly huge glass topped up after practically every bloody sip.

There seemed to be just David and myself at the near mansion size house today which I found a little puzzling. I was sure, well, as sure as I could be through my alcohol soaked haze, the project should have seen a plastering crew here today working on the intricate cornicing that David’s wife wanted to have crafted to the bedroom's ceiling. When I queried this with David, though, he made light of the enquiry saying he might have asked them to push the work back a day and changed the subject. I thought no more of it.

“Wardrobes! Oh damn. That’s right." David suddenly exclaimed looking towards the two huge wardrobes either side of the spaceous bedroom, "Jennifer wanted us to have wardrobe clear-outs as they have to be moved. Bloody woman. She’s in Australia for the next - well, next three- three, four weeks, at least! Which is a blessing, I suppose, whilst all this is going on. She would have been a nightmare. Nothing would have gotten done with her interfering every five minutes. “

This sudden change of direction took me a little by surprise, although I could easily appreciate David's irritation. I had met David’s wife, Jennifer, only the once and much though I generally afforded clients the utmost respect, I have to say, it was an experience I would rather not have repeated. I felt inordinately sorry for David who was one of nature’s nice guys. I could not understand, for the life of me, how on earth someone as nice as him had managed to end up with someone so clearly unsuited to him. Luckily, Jennifer had been absent for all of the remainder of my visits.

I was becoming more and more familiar with David's personal live as he seemed to confide in me some quite sensitive pieces of information regarding their relationship, or rather the lack of it. But knowing there was nothing I could do about it seemed to affect me more than it should.

Ah me, what can one do?

David removed his hand from the gentle shoulder clasp and walked to one of the wardrobes. I sighed inwardly at the diversion from getting on with the project but couldn't feel too unhappy about the break. I was feeling so relaxed and warm in general thanks to the wine and his company, he could take as long as he wanted.

Opening the large double doors he stood, as if in indecision, looking at the wide array of women’s clothing hanging there. He suddenly heaved a heartfelt "oh" and his shoulders slumped as he reached inside. I just stood watching, swaying slightly, as he unhooked something from the wardrobes rail.

As he turned around, a full length stunning red double layer nightie flowed in gentle folds from a glossy red satin padded hanger, a whisper of nylon swishing silkily as it came to rest in front of David. My face, I know, must have looked a picture as my jaw simply dropped open at the sight of the near transparent shiny creation.

I found I couldn't look away from the glistening surface of the long nightdress. It just seemed to go on forever and I just stared, wide eyed at the gorgeous negligee. A distant and long repressed memory of my mother dressing me up in her similar nylon nightie when I was five suddenly sprang to my booze befuddled mind. God, it had been years since I'd thought about those times. It may have seemed odd to an outsider, a mother dressing up her little boy in silky lingerie, but I was an only child and I knew my mother had always longed for a girl to dress up. So I really didn't mind as i loved her so. She had applied red lipstick in the frequent dressup games and a little makeup and cuddled me in her nightie. I could clearly remember the sensation of her hands gliding over the softly slippery nylon layers which I came to love her doing, even though she used to tease me about my little erections that always followed her slow tickling caresses.

"Although it was years ago, I can still remember when I bought this for her. Jennifer has never even tried it on. I thought it was so beautiful when I saw it in Macy's, and stupidly thought she might imagine she would look nice in it, and appreciate that it was a gift to show how much I-"

David's regret stalled and he let his hand glide over the front of the lovely nightie. A look of sadness clouded his usually happy face. He obviously saw this as a failure on his part to get across the sentiment behind his present to his wife. I just thought she was heartless to have ignored such a lovely gift.

"I have always longed to see what it looked like on. I bought a fantastic set of French Knickers with matching suspenders and black seamed stockings to go with them. I have tried to think of what they must look like on, but can only begin to imagine it must look completely beautiful. Despite my pleadings, she just wasn't interested. You must think me pathetic to still want to see them on after all this time. I still really don't know why. Oh, what a waste! I think it should go, now. What's the point in still. . ."

With that last sentence trailing off, the declaration of loss obviously too upsetting for him to finish, he lovingly draped the negligee set of nightie and wrap on top of the Queen sized bed.

My heart just broke.

"I-, I'll try it on for you."

The words had just spilled out of my mouth. I certainly hadn't given any thought to what I was saying. It hit me the moment I said it and I stood in a blind terror of what he must be thinking of such a strange, and worryingly odd sort of thing, for any man to have offered to do for another.

The hair at the nape of my neck was prickling in fear and I was on the verge of making a dash for the door, the urge to run overpowering, regardless of the fact I was miles from the nearest village let alone the train station, when David spoke.

"I-, Oh Patrick! I don't know how to thank you. That is the single most thoughtful kindness anyone has ever offered to do for me. I am touched beyond words. I don't know what to say apart from thank you. A thousand times, thank you. It would be our secret. I wouldn't of course mention it to anyone else even though such a kindness should be sung to the heavens."

I was stunned. I wanted to say something, my mouth opening then shutting twice over. But I couldn't honestly think of anything I could say. He wanted me to put the nightie on for him! He was happy to accept my insanely silly offer to dress up in his wife's nightdress.

As I was still trying to come to terms with how this had all started, David turned back to the open wardrobe.

He looked to be sorting through a small drawer set into the interior. I heard the crinkle of cellophane and then he stepped away holding a pack of stockings, a suspender belt and a pair of glossy matching satin French Knickers.

I couldn't help but notice that the satin of the beautiful French Knickers (even in my confused alcohol drenched state, the quality of the lingerie seemed to penetrate my fugg) and deep suspender belt was extremely fine, one could easily see through the fabric when light hit them as they moved.

The fear of my having made a complete fool of myself with my dressing up suggestion was now replaced with fear of a different nature. A man wants to see me in not just a see through nightie but also stockings, suspenders and satin French Knickers. I was frightened because - and I couldn't help myself - I realised I felt excited at the prospect of David seeing me dressed up in such sexy underwear.

The more the realisation struck me the more frightened I became. I didn't want to do this. Where it might lead was something to awful to contemplate.

I was about to try and backtrack out of my offer when David said

"Patrick, this is the most selfless and just nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. I will never forget your kindness. I will pop downstairs and tidy our lunch things and refresh our glasses. I should be ten minutes or so. Should that be enough time for you to change?"

I looked up into his face and found I couldn't do it. I couldn't go back on it. His sadness had been replaced with a look of joyous anticipation. The project directors instructions to do anything to keep David happy were ringing in my ears too, but I'm pretty sure dressing up in nightie stockings and satin knickers for our client wasn't included in his list. I watched as his hand lovingly smoothed over the front of the satin French Knickers before placing them carefully on top of the glamorous negligee. The small action had my heart leaping in my chest. Would he want to do that once I was wearing them?

Oh God! In a very small voice I replied, "I- Um, y-yes. I think that will be ok."

With one last beaming smile David practically hopped to the bedroom door shutting it behind him.

I gulped a huge lungful of air. Oh my God, what have I done. What a stupid thing to offer. What the hell was I thinking? I tried to gather my scattered thoughts which was a futile exercise as the wine had pretty much destroyed my ability for coherent thought.

I didn't know what to do. In a daze I headed for the en suite bathroom. When my mother had dressed me up she first insisted on making sure I was "squeaky clean", as she put it. I just clicked into auto pilot, undressed, folding my clothes in a stack on a low wide velvet stool, washed myself thoroughly giving myself near enough a standup bath. With all my potentially odourous bits now completely "squeaky", I peeked back into the bedroom to make sure David hadn't returned before padding naked back to the bedroom feeling exposed and vulnerable.

I looked at the shining red satin knickers and suspenders and took a deep breath in, exhailing slowly. Picking up the suspenders I pull them around my waist and, with some difficulty, managed to get the hooks and eyes to attach. Twisting them straight I was taken with how silky and smooth the fine satin felt as I flattened my hands over the very deep belt. I managed, eventually, with my quaking fingers to open the sealed cellaphane pack of stockings. Black and seamed, they were incredibly fine, feeling very tickly as I unravelled them over my legs. All my life I had bemoaned my natural lack of body hair, but donning the stockings I was, for the first time, glad of my smooth legs. I looked silly enough as it was, but hairy legs in stockings would have been awful.

I walked a few paces. Good grief but that felt naughty! Every step made the straps of the suspenders tug on the stockings, pulling them up my legs tickling me in a light silky caress.

I walked back to the bed enjoying the sensation of the tickling stockings far more than I had anticipated. Picking up the French Knickers I was immediately struck by the silkiness of the fine satin. Stepping into them, however, and pulling them up in place gave me a whole new perspective on the effect of the fabric. I smoothed my hands over the sleek material. Oh gosh, they felt so lovely, so smooth. My fingers could feel the satin of the deep suspender belt underneath and I found myself smoothing and rubbing the two satin layers together over and over. They slid without any friction.

"Hm! Oo, that's nice."

I was starting to feel nice against my will. I could feel my penis reacting to being in such slithery lingerie and the more I rubbed at the knickers and suspenders the more it grew.

Suddenly I realised what I was doing.

"For God's sake! Stop it. Oh no!"

Looking down at the tented French knickers I found the sight stupidly erotic. The shiny material reflecting light off my semi hardness as it pushed at the sexy Knickers. I immediately lifted my hands away from them and tried to think of something else looking up and away from the senual sight. My gaze came to rest on the glistening red nylon nightie.

"Oh crumbs. I think I could be in serious trouble here."

Bending over the bed I took the negilee off the hanger then the nightie. Lifting it up I let the gossamer nightie drop down over my head.

As it cascaded down it seemed to envelope my entire body in a silken cocoon of nylon. Before I had thought about what I was doing I smoothed both hands down over the nighties two layers of silky nylon.

Big mistake.

The nylon became alive, roiling around my skin like a magic pair of hareem pants. As slick as wet silk under my hands, it was nothing though compared to where the underside of the nightie met the satin of the French Knickers in a practically frictionless gliding sensation..

"Ooh! Oh no! Oh God oh God! Stop! St- hmmm. . ."

Too late I realised the memory of the bliss of being sheathed in slippery nylon, and the delicious sensation of silky nylon being caressed into my hopelessly sensitive skin, had re-awoken and consumed me utterly. The dressing up sessions with my mother always ended with her cuddling me and tickling her fingers into the nighties layers, making me giggle and squirm, but I never tried to stop her hands from going where ever they wanted to, just leaning back to give her access to all of me, keeping my hands flat against her legs, the layers of her own nylon nightie feeling silky under my hands, just giving into to her slowly peddling fingers as they slipped the lovely nighties silkiness into my willing body.

Now, in a mans bedroom, dressed in the most gloriously sexy deep red see through nightie, knickers, stockings and suspenders, I just gave in completely to the gorgeous sensation of the nightie sliding and gliding over the glossy surface of the French Knickers, my penis springing in joy to the long missed bliss of having silky nylon and slithery satin rubbed along its length. My hands circling constantly over every inch of me.

I began to throb in small spasms as the lingerie keeps me rubbing. I collapse, sitting on the edge of the massive bed, rubbing all the time, completely lost in satin and nylon lust. Before I knew it, I was laying on my side, the unused negligee under me, the additional layers of its shining nylon only adding to the sensory onslaught as I writh on the slithery wrap, the nighting sliding against its own silkiness too. I felt both hands push between my legs, pushing the silky layers between them slowly smoothing my nightie into my knickers satin, moaning softly.

The door opened and David walked in carrying our two wine glasses freshly charged nearly to the brim. He stopped dead at the sight of me writhing and moaning on his bed playing with myself in his wifes nightdress and lingerie.

I stopped stark still. My heart threatening to burst from my chest with the absolute horror of it all, I just wanted to cry. To make matters worse I could feel the inside of my knickers soaking with my liquid excitement where my pre-cum had poured from my self milking. I curled up into a ball on my side, the nightie wrapping itself about me.

David didn't take his eyes off me. I tried to guess what he was thinking from the look on his face which was very difficult to read, suffice that I imagined it was absolute disgust. He walked slowly towards me and, reaching the bed, stopped and gently placed both glasses on the small bedside cabinet. His expression was almost whistful as he sat on the edge of the bed next to my frozen form.

He reached out a hand and let it smooth over a nylon and satin sheathed hip. I hadn't expected this and shivered at the feeling of his caress through my lingerie.

"I had so hoped you would like it once you had put it on. Oh, but it looks beautiful on you. I knew it would, though. I hoped beyond hope that once you felt the silkiness of the nightie and the way it feels sliding over the satin of the French Knickers that it would make you feel nice, and I think it has worked its magic."

My stomach relaxed a little as I looked up into David's face.

"Y-you hoped?" I asked in a small voice.

He lifted the hand that was still lightly massaging my hip and moved it to the far side of my hip, placing his second on this side, he pulled with infinite gentleness and rolled me onto my back so I could face him properly, my slippy nightie making it easy for him to turn me towards him.

Although the shock of David walking in on me had had a pronounced effect on my penis, it had not completely subsided and the knickers and nightie were still semi tented by its firmness, but nothing could stop the wetness as it continued to seep out of its softly pulsing end

He deliberately looked down at me there and his lower lip disappeared under his upper teeth.

He smiled down at me and, at the same time, both hands started smoothing the layers of silky nylon into the fine satin of the French Knickers. My stomach, which had relaxed from its shock induced tensing at having David catching me playing with myself now started to burn with the effect his smile and his caresses were having on me.

"I'm been thinking of practically nothing else for weeks , ever since we first met. I saw a wonderful person in front of me, so gentle and kind and the better I got to know you the fonder I have become of you. I live for the times I can have you in my home and the more I got you know you the more I hoped I was right in my judgement of your specialness."

All the while he spoke his hands were moving, the bearest of pressure behind the touch, smoothing the nightie into the satin knickers but keeping clear of touching my penis. I started to react to his touch, moving slightly to meet the finger tips each time they started on their return stroke. I could feel the wetness inside my knickers being slicked into my excited cock by the slipping nightie over the top of them and I shuddered as the wet satin, in turn, slipped into me, causing my pulsing to change back to the stronger throbs, liquid being encouraged to ease along its length to seep wetly out over the shining head to add to the slimy coating to the silky underside of the satin. I started to huff quietly in lust.

"I must confess to setting little tests, as it were, to help in finding out. I would deliberately leave items of Jennifer's satin lingerie, nightdresses, knickers, that sort of thing, out on display to see if you were interested or reacted in any way. Every time I left satin items out I saw that you would immediately notice that they were there, sometimes staring with your mouth open for quite some while, quite without realising you were doing it I'm certain. Occasionally, you would have a curious expression on your face. It took me a little while to understand what it was. Then one day it struck me."

He looked down to my growing nightie and increased the pressure so that the underside of the nylon slid more purposefully into the satin of the knickers covering my protruding penis.

"Oh! Oh David!"

He simply continued to smile down at me and said

"It was longing - the expression. You wanted the satin. I was sure of it. Now you're dressed up in all this gorgeous lingerie it's making you feel really nice, isn't it. When I touch you like this-"

He flattened both hands either side of the straining knickers and, increasing the speed of this stroking, rubbed up and down, up and down being very careful to ensure only the nylon layers of the silky red nightie touched the surface of the by now stretched and soaking satin.

"Oh oh! Hm! Oh nice. Nice, oh please."

I had closed my eyes as the incredible sensations coursed up and down the length of my satin and nylon sheathed cock with each deliberate stroke. When he eased up and went back to lightly sliding the nightie again I opened them he continued.

"You just want to feel more, don't you? You love being in this nightie with all that sexy satin lingerie underneath, don't you?"

His words had a frightening affect on my poor penis. Him suggesting that I loved being dressed up in my satin and nylon finery just turned me on so much. It, quite literally, grew before our eyes.

I looked up, open mouthed, from my straining nightie covered cock to meet David's happy face just as he too had finished watching the springing growth spurt.

"That's my answer, isn't it? Do you want me to show you how nice you can feel in you nightie and lingerie, my darling?"

my mouth just fell open. I was a tumult of emotions. Gay? David, gay? What about me? Darling, he called me darling.

I looked up into his face and, as I slowly nodded, my breathing started to pant.

With a look of triumphant contentment David's hands both moved away from their nightie to knickers massage and glided down over the tops of my legs, the nylon of the nightie tickling the nylon of my stockings making me squirm in pleasure, his hands coming to a halt at my knees. He eases them apart then makes sure that the nightie is loosely free to see the layers moved easily against each other, pushing the folds of my nightie back down between my spread legs.

"Are you ready, my darling. I am going to use the nylon and satin to make you feel really really naughty and you must just let yourself give in to how gorgeous it feels, do you understand. If you need to scream because it feels like you can't do anything else then that's what you must do. My hands are going to play with you through your nightie and knickers now, ok?"

Oh God! This was so rude. I was so turned on. He was obviously doing this deliberately, telling me what was going to happen to heighten the effect, the anticipation. It was working. I was panting fast now and my cock was pouring pre-cum, spasming in my excitement.

Taking his time, David's hands slither back up the inside of my legs, lightly tickling the layers into my stockings again working their way up up up when I sense his fingers clear my stocking tops and the subtle change as the two layers slide into my skin without interference.

My cock was jerking rythymically now, the underside of my satin knickers awash with the slime of my pre-cum allowing it to slip unimpeded against the soaking satin which felt so naughty.

Suddenly David's hands slid up, one hands finger and thump to lightly pinch either side at the base of the stiff rod, trapping it in three layers of nylon and wet satin and his other hand moulding itself around my balls to cocoon them in a caress of slippery lingerie. The hand pinching my base slid upward, gripping fairly firmly as they went, the sleek layers allowing the tightening grip to easily slide up. The hand cupping my balls started to circle around them lightly, letting the glistening nylon slide easily around my coiling balls, making them tingle in bliss within the silky sheath of satin and nylon. This only added to the spasms of pre-cum being produced every three seconds. As his left hand and fingers continued to circle the three layers of slithery lingerie into my constantly rolling balls the fingers of his right which were still at the base of my straining cock sudden began to ascend up the rod, gripping firmly to squeeze the pre-cum up its length, the satin and nylon allowing their journey up the stiff member to slip without any effort. I could feel all the liquid being milked into the already saturated satin french knickers. As the slipping fingers reached the head they rotated so that the fingers and thumb of the hand were around the end and then he began to twist.

It was as though he was turning the cap of a toothpaste tube back and forth, gripping the three layers of impossibly slick and cum soaked lingerie and forcing it to be twisted about the stretched head of my twitching cock. The effect of the slimy pre-cum soaked satin being smoothed into my taught head was immediate and dramatic: I bucked against this unfair and totally beautiful onslaught but David's hands simply followed me never letting up on his caresses and, in fact, sped up his twisting whilst keeping his smoothing of the nylon and satin around my coiling balls at the same, deliberately slow tempo.

I snapped my eyes around to meet his calm gaze and he knew what was going to happen.

I exploded with cum.

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Re: Crossdresser tricked into being reawakened by gay admirer

Post by Lovesatinnighties » Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:39 pm

Oh wow x. Love the story. Would love to read more x. Was trying to mimic the actions with my own satin nighties xx

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