Satin Fantasy

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Satin Fantasy

Postby SatinGold » Tue Sep 08, 2009 10:43 pm

During the early days when I was nurturing my fetish for satin, I found that the feelings I got from the satin linings of my coats were greatly enhanced if I did a lot of fantasising while lying as I did under a coat, which was draped over me like a blanket.

I discovered I was gay when I was 12 and I brought a lot of my school friends into my fantasies. One of which went something like this. There would be four or five of my friends who would grab hold of me and strip me naked, they would then give me a warm bath and play with me as the scrubbed me down. The bath would take about an hour after which I would be dried and taken to a bedroom and then told to lie on the bed. Next my arms and legs would be spread-eagled and tied to the bedpost. Alan who is one of my friends went to the wardrobe and took out a fairly large overcoat from it. He would show me the shiny satin lining and at its sight I would get an erection. The coat then would be put over me with the lining side down.

"Why are you doing this to me," I ask.

"Because we know you don't like it," Ian replies.

At this point Neil suggests playing some music, as they know that music will intensify the feelings in my penis that the satin lining will give me. As the music plays so the feelings in my private place get stronger and stronger. As I’m spread-eagled on the bed, I cannot touch myself so as to give myself the much need relief I now crave. Neil comes over and starts playing with me, he does this for a few minutes always stopping short of bringing me to climax. When he does this, the feelings I’m now having have become quite unbearable. Alan has a different method; he rubs the underside of my private place on the shiny slippery satin lining of the coat. When Alan is finished Neil takes over and starts playing with me again, this time he stops and starts for over half an hour. Always bringing me to a near climax.

The whole thing has been going on for nearly three hours and I’m still not allowed to climax. It is very late or early in the morning and Ian tells me I should get some sleep. But how can I sleep. The music is still playing and the sensations that the coat lining is giving me are stronger than ever. Ian lifts the coat off me and replaces it with another. I see the lining is different, it is iridescent in that it’s colour changes according to the angle of light falling upon it. One moment it is royal blue, the next crimson. I eventually fall asleep only to wake an hour or so later with an erection and Neil playing with me again. This time he brings me to climax, at last its over and I begin to feel the relief I’ve been craving for since I came out of the bath.

I’ve had that fantasy for many years and I still enjoy it. I go through the same ritual as I do in the fantasy, Before I have my bath, I put a coat on top of the bed in readiness for the night ahead. After my bath I dry myself and then make my way to my bedroom. Before I get under the coat I’ll tune the radio to my favourite music station, once I’ve done that I will then get under the coat fully naked. The combination of the warm bath I had earlier and the music quickly induces the familiar sensations, as I move about under the coat I move my legs to-and-fro so I can feel the slippery lining of the coat sliding over my naked thighs and private place.

I try and get off to sleep but it is impossible, the sensations I’m feeling wont let me drop off. I resist touching myself, as I know that if I start I will only bring myself to climax and then the whole thing will be over. Finally I do manage to drop off only to awake a few hours later with an erection. Again I resist the urge to touch myself, but eventually I give in to the influence that the lining of the coat and music from the radio is having upon me. Finally when I can stand no more, I bring myself to climax. Sometimes when I’ve gone past the point of no return, I feel a kind of spasm in my private place, which lasts for a minute of so. My legs seem to spread wide-open and remain that way until the spasm has subsided.

After a few minutes I push the coat off me, go to the bathroom, this time for a shower, once I’ve had the shower I get dressed and before I do anything else I sponge down the lining of the coat where I’ve messed it up when I climaxed. Now I can face the rest of the day. The following night I might just put on a satin lined skirt and indulge in a petticoat punishment fantasy.

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Re: Satin Fantasy

Postby ilovesatin3 » Sun Oct 18, 2009 12:26 am

ive a huge fetish with womens winter coat linings,i love to masterbate with the linings it feels awesome,ive gone to far on occasion i let myself in my parents when they go out mum has two beautifull long coats one brown with a fur collar and one black both have very silky linings i just couldnt help myself i drapped the brown one on the sofa kneel down and go for it it was awesome not to get cought i filmed myself having the brown silky lining i shot my load in the lining and cleaned up,i want someone to have her black one its very silky and feels very soft i want somebody to shag the black coat senceless and spread there load in it any takers?

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Re: Satin Fantasy

Postby sealion » Tue Mar 09, 2010 5:13 am

Even though I am a straight satin loving male and lust after beautiful women,especially when they are in satin clothing, recently I have found myself having satin masturbation fantasies envolving other guys who are wearing satin,who are pretty boys or femine looking sort of guys.As I dress up in a satin shirt and some satin sleep pants at home and lay down on my satin bed to masturbate I find myself fantasising I am in a room with other satin dressed guys and they are here so we can caress each others satin clad bodies and slide all over each other like a couple of slippery eels finally ending up in a gay satin sex session.The fantasy really excites me to climax, then after I tell myself its ridiculous cause I love all kinds of females.I dont know what comes over me to fantasise this really as it is only the fact they are dressed in masculine satin clothing and are guys with femmine pretty boy features that interest me. If they wore normal cotton clothing and had beards and mo s I don t think I d have the fantasy.I know I wouldnt fantasze about guys. Must be the satin factor that makes me like this.Does any other straight satin guy or straight satin girl fantasze about same sex satin experiences or is it only me?

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Re: Satin Fantasy

Postby cornelius » Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:57 pm

No Sealion, it's not just you. I love the idea of stroking and rubbing and playing with someone else, dressed in satin, male or female. I'm straight and would definitely prefer female fun, but I have had some amazing satin-filled phone sex with males who were on the same wavelength. I think its the idea of someone else being as into it all as you are that is exciting. You can let yourself go and have a great time, regardless of gender. Have fun!

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Re: Satin Fantasy

Postby sealion » Wed Mar 10, 2010 5:52 am

Thanks Cornelius for your thoughts on my same sex satin fantasy theme.I appreciate it and have taken on board what you said about letting go and enjoying the fantasy. I have wondered a few times what I would do if the opportunity ever arouse to act out my fantasy in real life . i Know I would be nervous and excited at the same time, but not sure as well.I suppose it would depend on whether I was in a relationship with a lady or not, which I hope to be by the end of the year. thanks again.Sealion 8)

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Re: Satin Fantasy

Postby sabrinasatin » Fri Oct 29, 2010 7:28 am

I definitely share this fantasy. I see myself as straight but sometimes do wonder at time with the fantasies I have. The idea of being ultra-feminine with another satin clad CD really turns me on. I find it really good to have these feminine fantasies and it's always me that takes the feminine roll sexually. I've had fun before sharing these fantasies by email. In terms of understanding these fantasies I'm not sure I do however I think that sometimes you've just got to go for it with things you enjoy! Sabrina :D

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Re: Satin Fantasy

Postby mica46 » Fri Oct 29, 2010 7:46 am


Up to recently I considered myself as straight but now I wonder if I am bi. I crossdress and even though I say it myself at just a little over five foot tall I consider I make a pretty damned hot female. Dressed in a full length satin black kimono or satin dress I think I could give any satin loving guy a good time as we hold and embrace each other's satin clad bodies until the inevitable happened. If anyone is interested to find out more please PM me.

xx :D

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