Old Womens Satin Clothes.

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Old Womens Satin Clothes.

Postby iluvmumscoats » Fri Jan 25, 2013 1:42 pm

I was thinking recently about all the satin, and womens clothes I have worn over the years, and really wish my nanna was still alive so I could try her clothes on. I got the chance to wear her fur ciat as a kid, with nothing else on underneath, but at that time I wasnt aware of masturbating, or how good satin made my cock feel in a 'pervy sexual' turn on way. I must admit, now I have collected a couple of 'Granny Coats' (only polyester lined) but love wearing them back to front, with my face nuzzled into the hoods. Im thinking of starting a full collection of granny clothes as I have quite the sexual fetish for much older women, and would LOVE to meet some grannies for sex and to 'acquire' some of their clothes for wwearing and wanking into. Harder to get my mums clothes now she is abroad alot, so may provide a sexual service to oldies in exchange for wearing their clothes, and letting me take a coat home(with a pic of them in the coat too!) Does anyone share this lust of Satin Granny Coats and Clothes, have any pics to share, or fancy a more 'in-depth chhat about it? Let me know kittens!! xxx

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Re: Old Womens Satin Clothes.

Postby gownlover » Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:53 pm

I entirely agree. I love "granny coats" from the 60s and 70s especially long thick woolen coats in bright colours with big furry collars and belts. Windsmoor made some great coats as did Dannimac and Peggy French. I have often bought granny coats from charity shops - often with a bemused "granny" behind the counter bagging them for me - that adds to the fun - why is this man buying these coats?

These coats have great linings that smell often of grannies perfume, lavender or moth balls from hanging in grannies wardrobe so long and have a great musty smell. I like to wear one coat while I am naked and then put another granny coat spread out on the bed with a pillow under it which I then caress, smell and fuck and then shoot my load over the linings and repeatedly stain grannies best coat.

I would love to have "afternoon tea" with a frumpy old granny in her twin set and pearls, heavily made up, perhaps with a blue rinse After a few sherries perhaps granny would show me her closet full of coats and furs and I could be permitted to fuck and abuse them while gran looks on in disgust and verbally abuses me - great fun.

Please PM me if you would like to discuss at length - I have engaged a few grannies in their coats and Macs in conversation in bus stops etc but gone no further. I once assisted a pal doing a house clearance of a deceased lady and had fun in the bedroom whilst clearing out the wardrobes!!

Gownlover (and frumpy aunt and granny coat lover)

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Re: Old Womens Satin Clothes.

Postby gownlover » Wed Jan 30, 2013 1:39 pm

Suitably uplifted and aroused by this thread, Thought I would share some proposed purchases on E,Bay out there (provided you dont about bid me especially I luv mums coats!!

Go to E.Bay UK and in the search box type in the following item reference numbers- I comment as follows:

281058068223 - Need I say more? A reversible fur coat with a fur collar and cuffs. Fur on the outside and a shimmering satin on the inside and reversible for double fun. Expensive bit a real collectors item and I bet it smells of perfume. This will be a coat to wear but not stain whilst fucking and abusing.....

271145959197 - Love this coat especially the belt at the back with the button fastening. Love the colour and the lining too, This has obviously been well worn by gran - dont worry gran, I can put it to good use.

190780674821 - a lovely faux fur coat with a chocolate brown lining and huge collar - this looks a real beast to tackle - any hints?


321062422571 - My favourite. Grannies best outfit. A Coat and dress outfit with a lined dress I can wear whilst attending to the coat. I bet this is grans best outfit she wears to weddings and dos and is kept in her wardrobe in the platic from the dry-cleaners. How will I get this out from the cover, then wear it, fuck it and then stain it without being noticed?. Perhaps gran might wear this with her best hat and coat and white stilettos while she orders me to cum in her coats?


When I receive these I will report further....................

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